Upcoming ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ events explained

The next couple of months for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will keep players busy as several events are coming. Once the current event is over, there will be three more to come.

Animal Crossing players are currently busy with Lief and the Earth Day event, but even after this event, they’ll have to brace themselves once again. As per a recent video by Nintendo, the upcoming events are International Museum Day, May Day, and Wedding Season. Here are all of those events explained.

May Day Tour (May 1-7)

This week-long event will be unique in a sense that it doesn’t take place on the player’s island. During the event, players will have access to a special May Day ticket, which they can use in Dodo Airlines instead of the regular Nook Miles Ticket.

Instead of the usual Mystery Island Tour, players can partake in the May Day Tour. Based on the trailer, the May Day Tour will put players in a maze-like island that they may have to navigate with the use of their tools. Of course, there could be rewards in store for players who get through the maze.

Nintendo also teases that there will be a familiar face waiting in the maze, and that is Rover, a popular character from the series.

International Museum Day (May 18-31)

As early as now, players should catch all the bugs and fishes, as well as collect all the treasures from Redd and donate them to Blathers from the museum.

Once International Museum Day starts, players will have to collect stamps by browsing through all of the items they have on the museum. Completing the stamps will reward players. What that reward remains to be unknown for now. Players are also expecting Celeste, yet another popular series character, to be a part of the game, at least during the event.

Wedding Season (June 1-30)

The Wedding Season event is the longest event in the game so far. Once it arrives, players can go to Harv’s Island to create wedding themed shoots at the studio.

Familiar series characters Reese and Cyrus will be the coordinators of the shoot. These two characters have been in the series before, and they were in charge of customizing furniture. Now, they’ll be organizing wedding-themed shoots for players.

All of these events are coming as part of a free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As per Nintendo, seasonal events will happen all throughout the year, so players should watch out for what happens next.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo

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