Upcoming horror title ‘Scorn’ releases unsettling new trailer

Upcoming horror title 'Scorn' releases unsettling new trailer

Ebb Software’s horror-adventure Scorn shows off more of its imaginatively grotesque world in a brand new trailer.

Scorn is an immersive first-person horror experience whose overall design takes obvious cues from artist Hans Ruedi Giger—the brilliant mind behind the infamous Xenomorph in the Alien series.

The homage is all the more evident in its most recently released footage which further fleshes out the game’s twisted yet beautiful environment.

Scorn’s latest trailer made its debut as part of the Inside Xbox event where it was announced that the game would be releasing on the next-generation Xbox Series X as well as on PC.

Scorn’s gameplay

The game is designed to be heavily atmospheric, with its key focus revolving around the idea of being suddenly let loose into an alien, eldritch world. The developers have made it clear that they want the game’s environment to be a character in itself.

Scorn promises an intricately interconnected realm that encourages exploration and is completely non-linear. Moreover, the overall world is broken up into smaller regions, each with its own overarching theme, characters, and puzzles.

As shown in a previous trailer, the game will feature combat as players will have to face a slew of enemies using the variety of weapons at their disposal.

They will also progressively acquire different skills and items that will aid them in their journey of discovery, as they try to make sense of the Scorn’s nightmarish world.

A rocky development cycle

Scorn was first announced on November 12, 2014 along with some pre-alpha footage showing off its aspirations. A month later, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund the game which failed to hit the required milestone.

In spite of the setback, development continued on Scorn which was slated for a two-part release. Early in 2015, the title received private funding from an investor which allowed the developers to go into full production.

Shortly thereafter, the plan to release the game in two parts was scrapped, as the production team announced that Scorn would be released in one complete package.

Two years later, another Kickstarter campaign was launched by Ebb Software which proved to be successful since it exceeded its goal of €150,000 [AU$248,942] by an impressive margin.

No release date has been set so far, though the latest announcement of the game coming to Xbox Series X also promised fans that it would render in 4K and run at 60 frames per second.

Scorn is poised for release on GOG, Steam, and the Windows Store.

Image courtesy of Scorn/Twitter

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