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Upcoming ‘James Bond’ game to have a new original story


After witnessing agent 007 in iconic movies, die-hard fans will soon find James Bond fighting against bad guys in his own video game!

The James Bond title will also provide a whole new take on the fan-favorite character. IO Interactive’s CEO recently had an interaction with IGN in which he revealed all new things that will arrive with the 007 games.

There’s no release date yet for the project–as expected. It’s still in the works.

‘James Bond’: What to expect?

As per the makers, the game will have a fresh take on the overall character of agent 007.

It means that whoever is expecting a similar experience from the movie series might get surprised totally.

IO Interactive‘s CEO Hakan Abrak, in a recent interaction with IGN, revealed that the James Bond game would have a new original story. And the entire gameplay experience will be different from what the films have shown so far.

“The passion needs to be there, so it was essential for us that it wasn’t a movie adaptation. So, it wasn’t a game about… a specific movie, where the story has already been told.”

“It’s essential that we could create a digital Bond. A Bond for the gaming industry… So it’s a completely original story.”

Thus, the James Bond title will provide a new franchise for the gamers who are also 007 fans.

Will there be a new legacy for agent 007?

Agent 007 can tell, all in all, that will enter a whole new territory of the gaming universe. His popularity generated up till the movies might escalate even further with players going for the title.

In CEO Abrak’s words, he’s “looking forward to creating a new community that the gamers can call their own.”

There won’t be a similarity in appearance to the films’ portrayal of James Bond. So a fresh face will unveil a new journey for 007’s adventurous missions.

As of now, there’s no detail of a release date for IO Interactive’s game. But it will be announced soon, hopefully, in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the studio’s latest Hitman 3 entry is performing impressively remarkable. After launching earlier this year, it sold a vast number of copies upon its arrival. It’s currently available to buy for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S.

Coming back to James Bond will take some time before it’s out for all the passionate gaming fanatics.

Are you excited about the upcoming adventurous detective game?

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