Upcoming Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ main trailer receives praises

With the newly released main trailer of the highly-anticipated Netflix mega film Sweet Home, netizens responded enthusiastically to its impressive special effects.

Per Zapzee, Sweet Home tells a bizarre and shocking story of the experiences of the loner high school student Hyun Soo (Song Kang).

His quiet life is then disturbed by strange incidents that start occurring in his new building.

The movie is based on the same name’s webtoon that revolves around an apartment where Hyun Soo moved after losing his family.

The horrifying teaser

The movie’s main trailer reveals people are turning into monsters due to unknown reasons. Also, it unveiled the life of Hyun Soo and other residents of Green Home falling into chaos.

Green Homes residents tremble in fear in an unprecedented state of emergency. They freak out when their neighbors turn into monsters.

The orphaned and hopeless Hyun Soo shows all the symptoms of becoming a monster but doesn’t turn into a monster.

The struggling character to stay human emerges as a survival tool, and the only hope for the residents.

With this, fans raise curiosity about how Hyun Soo managed to keep himself from turning into a monster.

The praise-worthy special effects

The film consists of lotus root monsters that constantly threaten residents with terrible tentacles.

The monsters that appeared in the scenes revealed a jaw-dropping quality created by special effects. The said effects somehow emit great suspense, putting chills down the viewers’ spine.

Unlike the typical monsters in movies, which are mostly hidden and kept in the shadows, the monstrous creatures in Sweet Home aren’t hiding a lot.

They’re really exposing themselves either eating humans or turning them into a monster as well.

Furthermore, the movie is making headlines with Goblin director Lee Eung Bok helming the mega-project. On December 18, Sweet Home will be hitting the famous movie streaming application, Netflix.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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