Upgrades to US Army’s night vision technology turns darkness into a video game

The US Army has developed a night vision technology that can help them to see better.

The US Army’s Lancer Brigade has shown footage related to a new night vision technology that can make darkness into video games. With the help of this new and latest night vision technology, there is a major improvement on the familiar blurry green visuals.

By swapping the standard green tubes for the white (along with the same other old, tweaks) the new technology is a banger.

What is this new technology?

The new Enhanced Night Vision Goggle- Binocular, which works on the perception of ENVG-B, clearly can help all the people see the objects outlined in a glowing light, almost as they see through with the help of a video game objective.

Night vision technology used in the military is one of the main ways to understand and detect all the enemy movements. Night vision technology was first developed in the 1930s to help all the military forces see during the low light conditions.

The standard tech that most of the military use around night has a proper strategy of using the light reflection and enhances the image. It works similarly to all the old televisions and even computers.

The device can help pick up through the ambient light conditions, and in an environment like the Moon, it passes through a process called the photocathode. It is a device that can help transform all the photons (the light) into electrons.

New night vision technology helps soldiers to see better

Those electrons then work through and hit the tube, which is covered into a fluorescent substance called the phosphor, creating the image to be seen. Usually, most of the tube contains green phosphor.

The human eye is completely particular and sensitive to the wavelengths in the light of color. Early researches which has been conducted on the same has depicted the way through which the images could be distinguished properly amongst each other.

But the new ENVG-B tech that uses the white phosphor tubes, which the Army’s Acquisition Support Centre says, is much of better contrast. As players play through video games, they can understand that the new technology is unlikely the same.

The result of the new goggles is to create a field that can shape out the outlines of the people and their equipment, weapons and even distinguish that from the background. The new design is much more advanced than the one that the army has right now.

They are designed into a set of binoculars that can help to detect depth and perception like never before.


Image courtesy of Warrior Poet Society/YouTube

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