US election: Biden, Trump campaigns make final pitches; 96M Americans already voted

U.S. election: Biden, Trump campaigns make final pitches; 96M Americans already voted

The U.S. election campaign is down to its final stretch as November 3rd is only hours away. Both sides make their final pitches, while 96 million Americans have already voted.

The U.S. election is as controversial as ever. The country is down to its last important hours before it finally decides on its leader. Despite the apparent lead, Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is still hard on campaigning.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton also had a good lead in polls, but the election still resulted in President Donald Trump’s favor.

Biden and Trump current standing

BBC News reports that challenger Joe Biden went to Pennsylvania and Ohio while the Trump campaign “toured the voting battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.” Both are hard at work to earn the favors of the swing states.

There’s an observed tug of war in Pennsylvania, where Biden lived his first 10 years of his life. Trump went to Scranton right after North Carolina, where he reminded his crowd that he won in Pennsylvania against Clinton 2016, despite the poll reports.

Biden’s lead is reportedly narrowing. The Guardian notes that the former VP is generally ahead with 51.6%, compared to Trump’s 13.0%. On swing states, Trump has a slim lead in Iowa and Ohio. The rest is in Biden’s favor.

For Pennsylvania, Vox reports that Biden has a five to seven percentage point lead against his rival (per Monmouth University poll). Accordingly, the same outlet notes that the only way Trump is going to win in PA is if he gets a “repeat of 2016’s surprise results.”

96 million votes cast

CNN reports that already 96 Americans have decided who to vote. As the news outlet put it, “Americans get their last chance Tuesday to judge the presidency of President Donald Trump.”

In Texas, a federal judge has denied Republicans’ bid to “throw out about 127,000 votes already cast.” There was an accusation of “acting illegal” in the “drive-through voting” in Harris County.

CNBC says the whole world is watching the country’s election. Many have expressed that this year’s U.S. election result will be very crucial. Most especially with the country leading the numbers of COVID-19 cases globally.

Whoever wins will “shape not only America’s future, but the international political landscape too,” says the same news outlet.  The magnified watch on the U.S. election is reportedly due to the world’s concern on a possible disputed election result and “potential civil unrest.”

Moreover, reports say the voter turnout is “record-breaking” this year compared to the 2016 election, having a 69% voter turnout a day before the November 3rd election.

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