US Elections 2020: Surge of early voting hits

The early voting for the US presidential elections 2020 has begun. This year, the pace of early voting suggests that it could lead to the highest voter turnout in more than a century.

America is going to the polls in the next six days. But the early voting turnout has surpassed 2016’s election. Sixty million people have registered for voting in the upcoming presidential elections. This would mark the highest voter turn out. Texas, California, and Florida have cast the most votes. Joe Biden has been thought to be voted by the majority of voters in these states.

Pressure on Donald Trump

With the early voting, Donald Trump has faced a setback. He continued for a comeback by visiting the battleground states of New Hampshire and Maine on Sunday. On the other hand, Joe Biden has not been much visible on the campaign. He has kept a possible lower profile; Biden has spoken in virtual concerts.

Coronavirus effect on elections

The pandemic has build pressure on Donald Trump. In a rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump said that “we’re rounding the turn” and that the pandemic will soon. But unfortunately, it is not yet over in its own White House. Vice President Mike Pence was recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Five more members of the Pence team have also tested positive. He and his wife tested negative recently. He does not plan to alter the campaign schedule.

Trump’s rallies

In the upcoming days, Donald Trump has planned to hold at least five rallies in a day. In the final stretch, he will return to Pennsylvania again. He won the critical swing state by fewer than 45,000 votes in 2016, and even a marginal change there could flip it back to the Democrats.

“The former vice president has more to lose at this stage, but his lead is much narrower in many of the battleground states that will decide this election.”

The move is a direct outcome of the battleground states experiencing a spike in the coronavirus cases. These states are Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Coronavirus cases in the US

More than 84,000 coronavirus positive cases were recorded in the United States on Friday. This was the highest single-day spike in cases. Hospitalizations increased in 38 states last week. The country is set to enter the most challenging phase of coronavirus yet. The pandemic is still the center of politics in the United States. The total positive cases in the US stands at 8.78 million.

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