US Elections: China censors Pence’s debate

Advisor Peter Navarro says that China censored the Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday night. Consequently, such a move is a calculated effort to deceive people about US Elections.

2020 US Elections have been tumultuous at its best.

The US Vice-Presidential debate on Wednesday (local time) witnessed a sharp exchange of words. Both Vice President Mike Pence and his rival Kamala Harris over President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Consequently, ironic contraction of a novel virus by the US President to manipulate media, China plays its part well.

Navarro’s claims

“What China does is they regularly monitor international broadcast,” Navarro said. “You got your seven or 10-second delay. And China quite calculated this on their part.”

Navarro claimed in a Fox News interview when asked by host Martha MacCallum to comment on reports that feed of debate stopped working in China.

“What we have is the Democrat Party and the Chinese Communist Party effectively making common cause in the defeat of Donald J. Trump,” he further expresses.

Navarro’s prior claims were concerning a coalition between the Democratic party and the Chinese Government. He also allegedly claimed that both the parties were working against Donald Trump.

Other proofs and witnesses

A Beijing-based reporter Nathan VanderKlippe documented one of the instances of Chinese manipulation. The feed shows a power outage in China at the exact time when Pence criticized it. The streaming of the debate was on the CNN news channel in the country.

The outage and disruption in streaming went on for complete three minutes. Consequently, Pence was blaming China for coronavirus in his speech.

During the interruption, the screen for viewers in China with access to CNN read “No Signal Please Stand By.”

US Elections and China on censoring

Fox News interviewed the witness and reporter Nathan Vanderklippe. On elaborating his twitter report, Vanderklippe spoke about how censoring works in China.

“Censors in China are moving quickly to block criticism of the country’s leaders, discussion of historical events like the Tiananmen Square massacre or any conversation that could involve organizing resistance to the government,” he says in the interview.

Furthermore, Vanderklippe continues, “The censorship offers a vivid example of Beijing’s willingness to excise information that it cannot control. Even when it involves potentially important insights into relations with the country’s largest trading partner.”

The need to censor the debate

During the debate, viewers who weren’t watching the censored version heard Pence slam Democratic presidential nominee.

He comments that Joe Biden acts like a cheerleader for Communist China. Consequently, he does this while saying the Trump administration, which wants to improve relations Beijing, will hold China accountable for the novel coronavirus.

Image courtesy of Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock

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