US Elections witness record turnout of voters in more than century

The 2020 US Elections saw a record turnout of voters in more than a century. This time almost two-thirds of all eligible people voted.

According to Reuters, this year’s US Elections brought most number of voters across the country. And they seemed very enthusiastic to use their powerful rights.

No matter the result, it’s at least a positive sign to see the world’s oldest democracy showing its strength. And the strength is the “people of the United States.”

This time they cared about their nation and who they want as a true leader. There were many significant issues also in 2020 to ponder upon.

2020 US Elections and power of voters

Currently, the country is facing one of the worst phases in its history. Job unemployment, alarming recession, partisan bickering, and substance abuse are some inevitable issues.

These concerns are enough for people to realize their responsibility to choose a good government. And compared to 2016’s 139 million, this time, around 160 million American voters exercised their fundamental right.

And no one can ignore the ongoing COVID-19 crisis anyhow. Donald Trump’s administration faced a huge backlash for mishandling the situation. The United States is the most affected country in the world right now.

Cases are increasing daily, with record rates and uncontrollable deaths. As of now, the nation is seeing new 100,000 daily cases. In these circumstances, the record voter turnout is commendable. Not just for investors and financial markets but for the rule of law also important to notice.

Talking about the government’s efforts to tackle coronavirus, the Trump administration kept making a vaccine. But no news came out regarding the same. Their party claimed that a vaccine will be introduced before the year-end and after they come back in power.

However, this year voters didn’t follow a bandwagon effect of blindly supporting a party. This time they chose to think of the topics and ongoing problems in their country. And this must have led to their willingness to vote.

Trump and Biden attracted huge support

Speaking of the election campaign, then both the Presidential candidates did a good job of gaining support.

On all the platforms combining social media and outside rallies, Donald Trump and Joe Biden gathered huge crowds. The topics of LGBTQ rights, equality, and Black Lives were highlighted throughout the campaign days.

Presidential Debates favored mostly the Democrat candidate compared to his Republican opponent. Biden emerged as the primary choice of many Americans. And the US Elections proved it that all the citizens do care about their country, especially now, more than ever.

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