US files antitrust case against Google

On Tuesday, the US Justice Department blamed Google for misusing its dominance in online search and advertisement.

This one is the US government’s most significant attempt to protect competition. Consequently, this is the first groundbreaking case after Microsoft, which was more than 20 years ago.

Not the only company under the radar of US

Google could be an initial salvo. Other influential tech companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, are below inquiry at both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.

“Google is the biggest gateway to the internet and a search broadcasting behemoth,” U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen informed reporters. “It has kept its monopoly control through exclusionary methods that are harmful to rival(s).”

In support of the US lawsuit

Lawmakers and customer advocates have long blamed Google for violating its dominance in online search and advertising. The filing of a lawsuit is in central court in Washington, D.C.

Consequently, the suit asserts that Google handles billions of dollars received from advertisers to payphone operators. This assertion is to ensure that Google is the default search engine on all the browsers.

The government alleges that this smothers competition and reform from smaller upstart rivals to Google. Consequently, it also harms customers by decreasing search quality and restricting privacy protections and alternative search selections.

Who to believe: US or Google?

Critics dispute that multibillion-dollar fines and mandated reforms in Google’s practices imposed by European controls in recent years weren’t rigorous enough. Consequently, Google needs to change its conduct by breaking up.

The Justice Department didn’t set out particular remedies along those tracks. Although the department asked the court to direct structural treatment “as needed to correct any anticompetitive abuse.”

That unlocks the door to potential fundamental moves, such as the company’s Chrome browser’s development.

Google’s response in the fight

Google promised to defend itself and returned immediately via tweet.

It says that the suit by the Department of Justice is profoundly flawed. People utilize Google because they prefer to. Consequently, not because of any force or because they can’t discover options.

11 regions, all with Republican attorneys officer, joined the federal court in the suit. But numerous other countries objected.


The reasoning for reining in Google has united force. Consequently, the company expanded far beyond its 1998 roots as a search engine directed by the motto “Don’t Be Evil.”

It’s since evolved into a diversified goliath with online limbs that scoop up personal data from billions of people. This collection is via co-operations ranging from search, video, and maps to smartphone software. Consequently, that information helps feed the advertisement machine that has turned Google into a gazillion tech mammoth.

Google’s corporate origin, Alphabet Inc., has a market rate of just over $1 trillion. Consequently, it examines about 90% of global web searches.

Conclusively, barring a settlement, a trial would likely begin late next year or in 2022.

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