US ‘Pokemon GO’ players get an exclusive event via Grubhub

Pokemon GO x Grubhub Event

Seemingly mimicking an exclusive event in Mexico, the United States is also running its similar, but also different, event to its neighbor for Pokemon GO.

In what appears to be a partnership between 7-Eleven and Niantic, it was hinted last week of a region-specific upcoming event with the game. Essentially an event that requires a visit to any of Mexico’s 7-Eleven branches marks the debut of shiny Ferroseed.

In addition, the same event will also see the release of the “S” and “E” versions of Unown. Last but not least, the campaign also introduces a quest for Charizard Mega Energy.

Those are indeed exciting stuff to claim in exchange for spending at least 150 Mexican pesos from the store. A purchase amount that sees eligibility for the player to get a redeemable in-game ticket on Nov. 7, 2020.

An “Exclusive” USA event

Not to be outdone by its neighbor down south, the United States is also getting a similar treatment. This time, featuring Grubhub instead of 7-Eleven. However, unlike the requirement set in Mexico, there’s no purchase needed for this US-exclusive event. Kind of.

Technically, there could be a purchase if anyone chooses to subscribe to Grubhub’s premium service. After all, the promo’s only requirement to get a ticket for an upcoming event is to subscribe to the platform. But it is worth noting that Grubhub offers a two-week trial to those who simply would like to take advantage of the campaign. Literally, anyone can participate in the scheme without even shelling a single penny.

Similar to its Mexico counterpart, the Pokemon GO US event will feature a shiny Ferroseed for the first time. Alongside its fresh introduction are also two iterations of Unown, specifically the “G” and “H” variants. And, also, an introduction of a quest for the Charizard Mega Energy.

The difference

If the difference is not any obvious, it speaks of the letters that are attributed to the two platforms. 7-Eleven, literally spelled “Seven-Eleven,” has the “S” and “E” Unown variants, based on the first letter in each word. Subsequently, Grubhub, technically a concatenation of the words “grub” and “hub,” features the “G” and “H” versions of Unown.

Despite the pending event rolling out in November, the registration process for Grubhub+ has an earlier deadline. Particularly, Pokemon GO players from the US region have until Oct. 28 to register in order to claim their own ticket.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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