US: Rioters bashed for wearing Captain America symbols

Late Marvel comic book writer Jack Kirby’s son Neal Kirby has condemned rioters who stormed the US Capitol wearing Captain America symbols.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Neal Kirby denounced the insurrectionists who entered US Capitol last week donning Captain America symbols.

In the MCU franchise, the iconic superhero was portrayed by actor Chris Evans for nearly a decade. Jack Kirby was a co-creator of the character for Marvel comics.

Captain America: Absolute antithesis of Donald Trump

In his latest statement, Neal Kirby criticized those rioters who stormed the US Capitol wearing symbols of the superhero. To him, it was “disgusting and disgraceful.”

Moreover, he also wrote that “Captain America is the absolute antithesis of Donald Trump.”

Neal said that the superhero had been a symbol of patriotism since his creation. And he’s also a sign of democracy as well as the rule of law.

Here’s an excerpt from his statement:

“He was created by two Jewish guys from New York who hated Nazis and hated bullies. Captain America stood up for the underdog, and, as the story, as written, even before he gained his strength and process from Army scientists, always stood for what was righteous, and never backed down.”

The 72-year-old son of Jack Kirby further mentioned that the events of Jan. sixth, fomented by Mr. Trump, will haunt him forever.

Another Marvel writer and Punisher’s creator, Garth Ennis, also condemned the riots. Because many insurrectionists also donned skull logo symbols of the character in the US Capitol building. The writer called those rioters “halfwits.”

He also added that he has always said that nobody wants to be The Punisher in real life. Talking about those who stormed the building wearing the symbols, he said:

“The people wearing the logo in this context are kidding themselves, just like the police officers who wore it over the summer.”

Chris Evans angry with rioters

Before the reactions of comic book creators, Steve Rogers himself, a.k.a., Chris Evans also expressed his anger on the sad event. Last week, when everything happened, he tweeted that many people enabled the entire mob violence.

The actor has a special connection with Captain America due to a long decade of portraying the superhero role.

But it’s not just about a particular instance; people take few things very seriously as if they justify their actions no matter what. Like in the case of the US Capitol building’s violent event. Individuals who wore rebellious and superhero-inspired clothes thought of themselves as representatives of freedom and democracy. But that’s not true at all in reality because it contradicts their belief of what they actually wanted to do that day.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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