Users complain over Amazon’s ‘New World’ ruining expensive GPUs

New World official screenshot

Amazon’s own-made MMO New World is currently live, and it seems to be breaking costly GPUs.

After some time of development, Amazon is finally rolling out a beta for the gaming space’s latest MMO. Expectedly a topic of anticipation for most gamers, many are quick to adopt the fresh title, following pre-orders. Only for certain players to experience the worst-possible encounter with it.

User Complaints

As per prominent streamer, Gladd, it appears that the game has been completely frying GPUs. Particularly, the RTX 3000’s most high-end and most-expensive model, the RTX 3090, made specifically by EVGA. Not alone in his predicament, the streamer also cites how others have an exact same encounter.

Losing a pricey and high-value GPU to a game is every PC gamer’s worst nightmare, more so in today’s terms. Not only are the 3rd-gen RTX GPUs expensive in the truest sense of the word, they’re also hard to come by. Unless you’re living under a rock, then you’re probably already aware how the pandemic plays special role in all this. Particularly, in how it’s causing a critical shortage in some crucial hardware. One of those hardware, apparently, are graphics processing units.

Massive Headache

We’re significantly in a better situation now than we were during the soaring height of the pandemic last year. But the effect of the insufficiency still remains felt worldwide, substantially affecting the balance between supply and demand. This meant that anyone looking to re-acquire a hot item like the RTX 3090 would imply going through the same hurdle as previously. Which, for most people, is no easy feat, considering the elements at play that influence how the merchandise reach consumers.

Worse still, in fact, is the experts’ prediction that the supply crisis would still remain for some uncertain time down the road. This may be up for dispute, but with the way things are going, many would be inclined to believe the notion.

In light of the issue, it seems that Amazon is facing a serious setback prior to New World’s full launch. With the game identified as the culprit for breaking an essential computer hardware, it’s a liability that simply cannot be excused. As for those who were affected by the issue, it’s truly unfortunate how they became unwitting victim to an unforeseen circumstance. One that a simple monetary compensation alone from Amazon cannot itself fix due to the subsequent inconvenience it infers.

Image used courtesy of New World

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