Booster shots ‘key’ to exit COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine maker says

Booster shots 'key' to exit COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine maker says

The World Health Organization discouraged some countries from ordering COVID-19 booster shots. This comes as many low-income nations are still lacking supplies of vaccine doses.

Health agencies and vaccine makers are not seemingly seeing eye to eye when it comes to COVID-19 booster shots. While the developers are already aiming to offer the boosters, the WHO, alongside FDA and CDC, has a different point of view.

The recent debacle appears to have started on Thursday when Pfizer issued a statement. As claimed, they are seeing “waning immunity” from its vaccine, causing them to conclude that a booster dose should now be available.

Following the company’s assertions, the WHO Chief, Dr. Tedros criticized the nations that are already ordering the boosters. On Monday, the Director-General emphasized that it is not necessary yet because many countries are still having problems with the supply of vaccines.

Pfizer and BioNTech stated otherwise the next day. The leads from the vaccine makers asserted that boosting is the “key” to exit the COVID-19 pandemic, according to STAT News.

COVID-19 booster shots are necessary to control the pandemic

On Tuesday, BioNTech’s CEO and Pfizer’s head of vaccine RND argued that there is evidence, as well as data, showing that booster shots are imperative. They shared their respective remarks during a panel session on the first day of the STAT Breakthrough Science Summit.

CEO Ugur Sahin “insisted” on the need for the COVID-19 boosters. He claimed that the world will not get the pandemic under control “without boosting,” adding that this is his “strong opinion.”

He continued that there is evidence, showing a “slight decline in antibody levels” among vaccinated individuals. This is four to six months after their respective vaccinations.

COVID-19 booster shots are necessary to control the pandemic

Sahin noted, as well, that they are expecting to see “some drop of protection” against the virus. Accordingly, a booster shot “could be helpful” in restoring full immunity. He said, however, that there has not been any indication of vaccinated individuals developing severe COVID-19 infections.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s Kathrin Jansen added that “data” has driven the decision to develop the boosters. She also emphasized that it is “not about making money.”

Coronavirus vaccination in numbers

To date, 25.4 percent of the world population has already received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. But, those from low-income countries only account for the one percent, according to the Our World In Data.

As for the total number of individuals who have completed their vaccinations, the tally is 957.49 million. This equates to only 12.3 percent of the overall population.

In the end, the talks about the need for COVID-19 booster shots will likely remain apparent in the next few months.

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