‘Valheim’ cart-towing longboat glitch lets players transport items at twice max capacity

Valheim longboat glitch snapshot

Currently at its early access stage, Valheim remains in an unpolished state, which comes with its own unique eccentricities. Often, coming in the form of a glitch that is either funny to look at or downright exploitative. One of the most recent bugs that comes to light involves being able to tow a cart while voyaging the seas. But it does come with a functional benefit than merely seeing a fellow Viking waterski their way throughout the journey.

Recently reported by Eurogamer, the glitch shows what a harpoon, a cart, and a Viking can do for the effect. Which, as it appears, involves a second player pulling the stunt as to harpoon himself to a longboat, Just Cause-style, while another navigates. Although funny to look at, the real benefit comes with the unexpected expansion of slots for items that can be carried across. Essentially, doubling the longboat’s default 18 items by factoring in that of the cart’s equal space, or 36 in total.

First-hand account

The video testimonial by a Redditor, LostYugen, is more than enough to lay claim that the bug does exist. However, the staffs at Eurogamer were keen on putting the concept to practice. Following just the method to trigger the exploit, the staffers were able to replicate the issue, which comes with additional findings.

As per the test, it shows that the player who holds the harpoon would experience a sluggish stamina drain. This means that anyone who does the actual waterskiing is likely to endure navigations of certain distances, but not long ones. Consequently, losing stamina would break the harpoon line, cutting off the tagging player. This happening could leave the comrade stranded in the middle of the ocean, with the possibility of getting attacked by serpents. But in the best-case scenario, the stranded player could just remain afloat while another pilots the longboat close to reconnect.

Common bug

The faulty design appears to be known longer than the time of the report, however. One random commenter from the post actually claims to have been employing the trick for at least a month now. That’s long enough to exploit a glitch that lets players transport massive amounts of loots across places in-game. Which, for a game about survival in the wild involving stuff, is truly an advantage.

Still to be in early access until 2022, it seems that Valheim will have plenty to iron out before then.

Image used courtesy of Game Clips and Tips/YouTube Screenshot

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