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‘Valheim’ developer hampers popular farming exploit in latest update


Valheim’s latest update has addressed a popular exploit that sees players easily farming materials involving Greydwarves with little effort.

Greydwarves have been a subject of players’ interest for their loots. Specifically, stones and woods that are critical in crafting both early and late-game items. With them spawning in twos or threes at a time, it makes them even more appealing target for mob farming.

Since the discovery of the feat, gamers have been experimenting with the many ways that the method could be made more efficient. True enough, surrounding a spawn point with campfires alone would not do the trick. This makes supplemental actions as raising grounds, digging pits, and limiting Greydwarves’ movements imperative in the success of the method.

Fire hazard

Fires can be a friend in the cold world of Valheim. But the notion does not stick as true among its wild inhabitants, like the Greydwarves, which react negatively to fires, for obvious reason. In particular, an affliction of constant damage to their health bars with prolonged exposure. These critters, as could be in real life, are literally roasted to death when trapped for far too long.

While the update would still allow players to employ the exact same measure, it makes the entire process less efficient. The developers ensure this to be the case by making each campfire susceptible to taking damage while dishing out damage itself. This means that players will have to be hands-on in keeping the campfires alive in order to perpetuate the grind. Essentially removing the away-from-keyboard aspect that only makes the game less engaging or ludic than it has to.

The Greydwarf toaster 5000. from valheim

New exploit

But although the campfire method has less effective with the recent patch, it still leaves a fundamental logic that can be exploited another way. In this instance, merely seeing players shifting from campfires to braziers. The commonality is that both objects involve fires, but the latter being not as nerfed as the former.

Of course, for something that lives off of coal, using the brazier method would still require active presence from the players. However, the difference in result could be big enough that the switch is tempting.

The idea might sound simple, but there’s actually a rudimentary thought to consider when employing new exploit. Fortunately, it does not take a genius to actually figure that out. More so than anything, it’s more of having the right familiarity with Valheim’s game mechanics and a bit of common sensibilities.

Image used courtesy of TotalXclipse/YouTube Screenshot

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