‘Valheim’ glitch lets players enter locked The Sunken Crypts without needed key

Valheim trailer snapshot

A Valheim user discovered a glitch that allows players to pass through The Sunken Crypts, sans the essential key for the process. Said user brought to Reddit a video which does shows that the feat is possible by exploiting the game’s notable flaw.

As per Redditor yiyiwt, the method involves digging a hole just below the Crypts’ door, placing a chair, and standing on it. Doing so will see the player triggering the exploit by getting warped inside the dungeon. The bug seemingly drawing from a faulty design that sees the player moving past an area that would only be possible beyond unlocking the gate.

How to get into crypts without a swamp key from valheim

Another claim

Another Reddit user, Probosczc91, also corroborated to the claim, albeit differently. In his own version of the glitch, he suggests merely placing a chair close to the door. So long as the player is slightly clipped through the door upon sitting, the bug will trigger just the same. Conspicuously, the easier method between the two.


For something so simple, the error is inevitably paving way for speedrunners. Ones who could skip necessary steps to get into the locked area or areas of the game. In the instance of The Sunken Crypts, this meant bypassing the challenge of farming materials to summon the second Forsaken boss, The Elder. But the real obstacle of which being the idea of overcoming the boss fight itself. An otherwise uneasy feat that entails enough preparedness, whether alone or with a party.

Rich in iron

As interesting as the idea of getting into The Sunken Crypts is, the endeavor is not merely for exploration. For players who are keen on getting the best gears possible during the early access, getting inside is mandatory. The notion being that the place is replete with iron, which is a crucial ingredient in the making of the iron pickaxe. It’s the very same tool that players would need to farm for silver to build the best gears aforementioned.

That is not to say that there is not an alternative way to gather such valuable ingredient in-game. For instance, Meteor Craters may randomly provide iron to players. But as far as consistency goes, which many would undeniably opt for, the Crypts is currently the best way for it. Hence, why players go through all the trouble of killing off a potent tree-humanoid creature for a key to the dungeon.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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