‘Valheim’ mod helps you to punch wolves with your hands in VR

Valheim mod now helps you to punch all the wolves with the help of your VR!

Valheim has always been a fan favorite because of the content that it has. Especially now when the mod added helps all the players punch the wolves with their hands using the help of VR.

Modern gaming is completely different than what and how the games used to be. Earlier, the games did not have a sense of touch of realism because most of them were done on a block basis.

But right now, the whole scenario of the video gaming environment has changed rapidly, and the Valheim release into the Early Access back in February has been modified at a terrifying scale.

What is the new update on the mod?

Oo! This is going to be something exciting for the fans. There are many mods added to Valheim, and one of them is called VHVR on Nexus Mods.

But there is a bit of sad news added right to it, and the unofficial VR mod is recently added and updated, which can help you play the survival game with all the motion controls. Now the controls are much more fun because there is an actual way through which you can punch a wolf and their actual bodies, and that is what your heart desires to do.

The wolves were a menace to the game for a long time, and the players have complained about it for a very long time indeed. The developers have said that this was taken into account, and thus the mod is added to work onto the graphics and let players punch them whenever they wanted to.

But some people are not interested in the ordeal, and maybe they don’t want to punch wolves anymore.

This is why it also sets boundaries for motion accuracy and archery.

What if players don’t want to punch wolves?

Motion tracking is mainly translated to multiplayer, and it is done based on saying hello to all your friends or regularly interacting with them.

Some limitations are added to the multiplayer segment of the game as well. Players who are playing without the mod can do it on a multiplayer basis, and players who use the mod will have a visible sync animation added right to it.

But there is a catch here. VR players can only play with the other VR players to have better accuracy on everything.


Image courtesy of ESO/YouTube

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