‘Valheim’s latest update makes monsters attacking bases likely


Valheim’s latest patch brings in changes to monster AI that makes them more aggressive against players’ own-made constructs.

Valheim is constantly in an improving state. For its latest update, this meant alterations to the way the game’s wild inhabitants behave. Dubbed “monster AI tweaks,” one of the most notable modifications is how aggressive some monsters have become. Particularly, towards player creations and whose potential ramifications demand players change the way of the game.

Monsters wandering the field with the intent to destroy objects is a completely new thing in Valheim. Whereas previous cases would only imply a random monster innocently entering player bases, the new AI literally points towards destruction. Especially when the player itself is out of reach. But there had been outliers, particularly involving Trolls that were notorious for their ransacking tendencies.

Other AI-based Changes

Aside from making monsters, in general, become more aggressive, another notable change would be seen among Greydwarfs. Particularly, with their enhanced throwing skills.

Previously, bosses in the game are known for their inclination to flee in critical circumstances. In some cases, this could be a cause of frustration among players who have overprepared to make the kill. Iron Gate Studios is now addressing the issue with the latest patch, which sees bosses fighting to the very end. Thus, saving players the unnecessary headache and heartbreak that comes with having a suddenly escaping major opponent.

Elsewhere, the game is also finding a change in another aspect, too. Particularly, the ability for players to build the Maypole. A popular structure in the Nordic cultures, the Maypole serves as décor in celebration of the May Day and the summer solstice. But this comes at a chief caveat that the method in question is illegitimate and thus border cheating. More specifically, by employing cheat codes or via the command console.

Legit Structure

The Maypole is an item that can only be gotten in certain areas of Valheim’s maps. Particularly rare, this object can be found in ghost villages as set within the Meadows biome. While some may find value in the item for aesthetic purposes, there’s also a pragmatic use for it. Specifically, as something to incorporate in the player’s base or home for better comfort level.

It is worth noting that Maypoles themselves are static objects by nature. This means that to legally take advantage of their benefits would imply players having to build around them. Not the other way around.

Valheim is currently in its Steam Early Access and therefore is playable on PC.

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