‘Valheim’s newest update makes another tweak to monster A.I.

Valheim gameplay screenshot

Iron Gates Studios is rolling out another update that fixes an issue made from previous Valheim patch.

Valheim’s developer almost made a significant update to the game when it introduced a major enhancement to the monster’s A.I. From being generally passive, the game sees its creatures become fiercer than ever. That is, by becoming more aggressive against not only the players themselves, but also their constructs.

Although a modification with the obvious intent at amplifying the challenge of surviving in-game, it comes with its own problem. As it appears, the monsters themselves can become too aggressive that it implies leaving destructions in their wake. Particularly, that of the product of players’ architectural endeavors, which was unfortunate enough to be at the monster’s direction.

Monster Smash

The issue, however, isn’t merely that the player is beyond the monster’s reach. There are instances where the hideous beings were simply too keen in ruining players’ properties. Typically, these include assaults to any part of the edifice, even stone walls, despite the player making a presence. But it can also mean that monsters can easily be on switching gears when the player makes direct contact.

Inevitably, the change made it more difficult for some players than it had to that the concern was voiced. Not falling on deaf ears, Iron Gates Studios responded by releasing another patch that seeks to address the issue. In a tweet, the developer made the announcement for the rollout of update 0.156.2. Apparently, with the focus on attenuating the bad behavior of the game’s wild inhabitants.

Immediate Changes

Players who would update to the latest version of the game should easily spot the changes. The monsters are again more likely to attack players than their valuable creations. And, even in cases that they do attack players’ constructions, it would be targeted towards low-priority structures. This meant parts that are easier to rebuild, like walls. This confirmation comes from Eurogamer who went hands-on to see if the intended modifications are kicking in.

This update is a major boon for the not your run-of-the-mill builder whose creations involve more than just a house. But rather one with the sophistication that comes with complex design. This is also given by the fact that erecting structures in the game is not necessarily an easy feat. That is, with all the resource gathering and planning in place. Players who fall into that category could now rest easy knowing that Valheim’s monsters are less erosive.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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