Valkyrae now world’s fastest-growing streamer owing to ‘Among Us’ hype

Valkyrae now world's fastest-growing streamer owing to 'Among Us' hype

Valkyrae is definitely one of the biggest names in gaming but the rise of Among Us and her recent exponential growth has now earned her the title of the fastest-growing streamer in the world.

Innersloth had released its social deduction game, Among Us, back in 2018. However, the game only started to blow up two years after its release. Many would attribute this success to the pandemic which forced people to stay indoors.

And right now, it is safe to say that its popularity has propelled many names to the limelight. But none more popular than Valkyrae.

Valkyrae, whose real name is Rachell Hofstetter, is easily one of the most recognizable streamers in the world. But now, she is the fastest-growing streamer in the world with Among Us playing a significant role in her growth.

Valkyrae: 11 million monthly live views

The 100Thieves content creator is already on a fast-paced growth even before Among Us blew up. But now, the YouTube star had revealed just how much growth she had experienced thanks to Innersloth’s massively successful game.

In a Twitter post, the 28-year-old revealed that her live streams had peaked at 66,000. Not only that, her live views had hit 11 million during the last month on YouTube. That is five million more than what she had gotten in the previous cycle.

“Fastest-growing streamer”

11 million live views are definitely a huge milestone for the popular streamer. And even YouTube knows this as well. Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt of YouTube Gaming had even taken the time to boast Valkyrae’s achievements.

On Twitter, Wyatt called her the “fastest growing live streamer in the world.” While this already sounds impressive in itself, he also branded her as the biggest female gaming streamer today.

A successful move

YouTube celebrating Valkyrae’s success isn’t all that surprising. From 2015, the American-born German-Filipino streamed exclusively on Twitch. But in January 2020, she shocked many of her fans when she announced that she had signed an exclusive contract with YouTube.

Because of this, she decided to leave Twitch, where she around a million followers to move to YouTube Gaming. It would seem that her fans and followers followed her there as her transition looked as if she was just picking up where she had left.

More than that, she flourished in her new platform and quickly grew into the biggest female gaming streamer in just a matter of months.

The Among Us hype

Valkyrae didn’t forget to mention how her Among Us streams had helped propel her popularity even further.

Because of the success that Among Us had experienced this year, almost every content creator is jumping in on the hype. Another popular streamer, xQc, became the most-viewed channel on Twitch ever since he started streaming Among Us.

What makes the game even more popular for content creators is that it brings together people of all backgrounds together. In fact, Valkyrae herself had played together with the likes of Pwediepie and James Charles in the same lobby. Those were two big names on YouTube that were so contrasting you wouldn’t expect to see them in the same video. But through Among Us, they did.


Featured image courtesy of Valkyrae/YouTube Screenshot

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