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‘Valorant’ 1.05 rolls out, brings in new agent, battlepass, and game mode


Valorant has just entered Competitive Act II, effectively bringing the game to its latest version that comes with new features, including a new agent, battlepass, and additional game mode.

New Agent

Previously rumored to be making an entry into the game, Killjoy has finally joined the roster. An agent with a penchant for firearms and technology, this new playable character features unique armaments, including automated turrets and robots. However, locked at the get-go, players would need certain contracts done before they can play as the new agent.

Fancy Aesthetics

Adding more exciting additions to the game are unique items that come with the Battlepass. They include a slew of gun buddies, weapon skins, sprays, and more—all of which, bringing new looks into the game.

Although all of the aforementioned are nothing more than cosmetics, having to equip something unique is one step towards standing out from the crowd. There are free ones to claim, but the best ones are obviously premium.

New Game Mode

Then, there is the debut of the Deathmatch mode, which pits players of 10 against each other. The goal of the match is simple—the first one to make 30 kills within six minutes wins.

But while Valorant employs agent abilities as part of its unique flair, Deathmatch mode sees this aspect prohibited. This leaves players left only to rely on pure shooting skills. As agent skill means nothing in this mode, which agent players get to play as is random, depending on availability.

Although at its core, Deathmatch mode is all about who could kill the most in a given period, it’s also about survival. A concept that the game sustains by giving players access to health kits per kill, incentivizing good play performance.

More Changes

Yet, there are more changes that are taking place in Valorant, in light of its new chapter.

One most notable of these modifications is the nerfing of Raze. An agent so OP, Valorant players see this playable character to be a nightmare as an opponent. While still a potentially lethal agent to play as Raze has become less of a dominating figure in the game. Raze’s alteration mostly comes from her slowed Showstopper as well as reduced damage output.

Another noteworthy change in the game is how the matchmaking works. As opposed to the previous system, matchmaking now automatically balances the scale by pitting two sides on similar numbers. Gone, therefore, are the days when players see themselves outnumbered before a match.

Image used courtesy of VALORANT/YouTube Screenshot

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