‘Valorant’ Act Two is ending this October 13

Valorant Act Two is ending this October 13

‘Valorant’ Act Two is coming to an end this October 13. Players now have around a week left to obtain the exclusive battle pass items.

The Valorant Act Two is ending, and so does rank matchmaking. That being said, players with an incomplete battle pass may go back to complete their missions once Act Three is up.

This mechanic urges players to grind battle pass levels throughout one Act. Once it is all leveled up, the sense of accomplishment is present with the exclusive skins.

Moreover, players who are in-game once the ranked matchmaking halts will be able to continue. However, there will be no queueing after.

Riot Games might pause ranked matchmaking for a while until Act Three comes up. There is no definite release date yet, but hopefully, it will not be week-long.

Riot teases Act Three

With Act Two ending soon, Riot Games has started teasing Act Three. The Valorant official Twitter account posted an image that does not make sense at first glance. However, it teased players with the caption, “Decode this.”

Quick-witted fans quickly decoded the message. According to the community, the post refers to something cold and forgotten.

There are speculations that this might mean that a new map is coming. But, it would contradict Riot’s announcement of one map per episode.

Others mentioned that the new Act would introduce another agent, which could have abilities that are freezing. It may probably have an ice wall or smoke that slows down enemies.

Riot is quite good at preventing the Valorant Act Three from coming out. However, with its upcoming release, leaks might pop out anytime soon.

Featured image used courtesy of VALORANT/YouTube Screenshot

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