‘Valorant’ agent Killjoy appears on the Riot website

'Valorant' agent Killjoy appears on the Riot website

Valorant rumors on its newest agent may now subside. Riot has leaked the details of “Killjoy” on its website.

Riot did not deliberately announce the arrival of its latest agent. Checking out the Valorant website already yields a “page not found” result.

Sneaky fans discovered the details of the new agent. Eagle-eyed players spotted an “Enter Killjoy” webpage. Killjoy details were then revealed in all its glory.

The videos included on the webpage were taken down after the leak. But, fans were already quick to record the skillset.

With that being said, here are her skills and how it works.

1. Alarmbot

Players may equip and deploy robot that follows enemies in range. The robot fires at the enemy once it reaches the target.

There is also an added perk for this killer robot. Once it reaches the target, all attack damages are doubled. This applies to whether the attack comes from Killjoy or other teammates.

The robot can be recalled after killing the enemies.

2. Turret

Holding areas and spaces in Valorant is a crucial mechanic of the game. Killjoy can easily control a zone with her skill “Turret.”

The agent plants a turret that shoots enemies within a 180-degree angle. The turret may be recalled for redeployment.

3. Nanoswarm

This skill allows Killjoy to throw a grenade towards an enemy. It goes silent and activates in a second. The Nanoswarm poops up to damage enemies that it comes in contact with.

4. Lockdown

This is her bread and butter skill. Killjoy activates a device with a little bit of waiting time. When it activates, all enemies within a radius will be detained.

Enemies may shoot the device. However, it is still a powerful tool.

'Valorant' agent Killjoy appears on the Riot website


How will Killjoy change the Valorant meta?

Killjoy’s skillset will be a game-changer. Her skills, combined with Cypher, might be the best duo in defending an area.

Her turrets force enemies to take a different route. It is also a great way to lead enemies into a certain spot.

However, Lockdown might be too OP based on the description alone. Every second counts in Valorant. Eight seconds might be too long for a disable skill.

Even Phoenix’s blind only lasts for a very short time. So having an agent disable enemies will be too powerful. However, Riot has not yet cleared if there is a way to counteract her ultimate skill.

Killjoy may also be one of the hard hitters for aggressive players. Her arsenal has a “play aggressive and I’ll punish you” vibe to it.

This may lead to aggressive agents such as Jett or Phoenix, to play more cautiously.

Valorant is plagued by issues right now, especially in matchmaking. The arrival of Killjoy is not yet announced. But hopefully, all issues get sorted out before they introduce a new character.

Images [1] & [2] courtesy of Valorant/Facebook, Valorant

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