‘Valorant’ agent Omen gets booted out of the game

Valorant agent Omen gets booted out of the game

Riot Games removed Omen from the Valorant pool of agents temporarily. It is due to the bugs surrounding the agent that cannot be fixed by a simple update.

Valorant got its latest patch last Tuesday. It aims to provide balance into the game by nerfing Sage and Killjoy while buffing Breach and Viper. However, a bug made Omen the best agent for cheap kills.

Omen Barrier Breach Glitch On All Maps from VALORANT

Teleport anywhere with Omen express

Omen can teleport anywhere on the map as long as the buy time counter is done. However, the latest bug allows him to bypass the barrier and get to neutral places faster than anyone.

Opponents can be easily caught off guard by unsuspecting characters giving Omen an easy kill.

Riot tried to address the issue by releasing an update. The bug is supposedly working on the map Bind. But, players have discovered that the glitch may be applied to all maps.

In response, Riot Games has decided to completely remove Omen from the game until the bug is fixed. The developers announced via Twitter that they would be rolling out updates slowly.

Valorant players should not worry as Omen will be back soon. It is better to have him out temporarily than to die unexpectedly.

Featured image used courtesy of Valorant/YouTube Screenshot

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