‘Valorant’ Agent Skye abilities confirmed ahead of Act III

The Valorant roster is set to expand once again with the addition of agent Skye. Players are very excited to get their hands on the new agent for the shooter, and Riot Games just teased everyone by revealing her skills.

The next chapter in Valorant launches soon. There will be a ton of new content, including a new map, new unlockables, and of course, a new agent by the name of Skye. Riot Games is teasing more of the hero but showcasing what she brings to the table. As early as now, players can begin strategizing.

Skye’s abilities

Skye’s skill set is themed around various spirit animals, which include a hawk, a tiger, and a jellyfish. Drawing from these animal’s powers, Skye can create all sorts of chaos during a match. When using her, players will have to be on the offensive as that’s what she’s meant to do.

One of her skills lets her summon a hawk that can act as a flash grenade. This can temporarily distract enemies, making it harder for them to make their shots. Her other skill lets her summon a tiger that explodes and damages enemies in a small area. This is a good skill to have when enemies are stuck in a tight spot.

She also has a healing wave that can heal the health of her allies nearby. The catch is that Sky cannot heal herself.

Skye might have one of the best abilities in Valorant currently. When used, Skye sends out three jellyfish-like creatures. These will automatically hone in on enemies and can cause visual interference momentarily upon hitting.

New meta

Currently, the only agent that can heal the team is Sage. Her healing capabilities make her a must-have in any ranking level in the game.

With Skye’s healing and damaging capabilities in tow, the meta might be significantly changed. Moreover, Skye’s crowd controlling ability might make her even a better pick the Sage. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what players think of Skye when she launches along with the rest of Act III.

Valorant Act III launches on Oct. 13. Aside from Skye, Riot Games will also be launching a new map called the Icebox. The Icebox features frosty themes. Aside from that, players will have to center their strategies on the two bomb sites and the numerous ziplines spread out across the map.

Image used courtesy of Valorant/YouTube

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