‘Valorant’: Basic Brimstone guide to dominate the field

Valorant's battle-hardened soldier, Brimstone

Valorant is a game that is home to formidable fighters known as agents. Like any other game of its kind, this game is all about dominating the field and winning rounds after rounds. Although who the best agent in the game is a matter of debate, many can argue that Brimstone definitely makes the list.

As a battle-hardened veteran who has access to a slew of deadly arsenals, Brimstone truly makes for a lethal foe in the field. But knowing this character’s capability is not enough to win battles. More importantly, the key is knowing how to use Brimstone’s weapons and skills for a wanted vantage towards victory.


Brimstone makes one of a few characters capable of unleashing a pool of fire against opponents. This ability is thanks to his incendiary weapon that unleashes a grenade that explodes and leaves burning flame in its wake. With the ability to bounce off from hard objects, knowing the game’s physics would play a critical role in the effective use of this armament.

This hardened soldier may only be able to use the ability once. But it offers enough versatility to be effective in diverse conditions. Whether by means of offense or defense, the incendiary is best kept for the most advantageous of situations.

Stim Beacon

Another one of Brimstone’s signature weapon is the Stim Beacon. Essentially a tool that gives movement-enhancing buffs, such as fast reloading or fast shooting, this tool plays a pivotal role in most winnings.

The Stim Beacon does not only work on Brimstone, however, as it also affects literally anyone who gets in its scope. Party members, especially, being intended recipients. It even transcends otherwise blockages, like walls, giving buffs to anyone on the other side, ideally an ally.

For something that has an area of effect, the Stim Beacon is intuitively ideal during the defense. Whether to cause a delay on incoming enemies or to block them altogether from entering a particular space. This handy weapon only lasts a maximum of four seconds, though, so a perfect placement and timing are key to its benefits.

Sky Smoke

Sky Smoke is Brimstone’s signature move that allows him to invoke a small cloud of smoke from above. The skill can be invoked up to three times simultaneously, granted the player has three.

The skill is nothing more than a smokescreen. However, it renders those who get in its range temporarily blind due to opaqueness. Alternatively, the smokes generated can also act as a decoy, too, paving way for opportunities against opponents.

Orbital Strike

Brimstone’s flashiest and deadliest move is his ultimate, the Orbital Strike. Basically a concentrated laser coming from space, the Orbital Strike is both damage-intensive and precise. Although there are a variety of situations that players can leverage this skill, among those is during opponents diffusing a spike.

Image used courtesy of The Difference/YouTube Screenshot

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