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‘Valorant’ Closed Beta: Increase your chances of joining with this guide


Riot Games hasn’t announced an end date for the Valorant closed beta yet, and here is what people need to know to get a chance to enter the game.

People who loved Counter-Strike and Overwatch may possibly feel the same way with Valorant once the game arrives. But even without a release, Valorant is one of the biggest things in gaming right now.

Around one million viewers tuned in to Twitch to watch the live stream of the Valorant closed beta, hoping to catch a key into the game test when the beta was launched on Friday. Now, after peaking at 1.7 million viewers, around 800,000 are still patiently waiting for keys to drop.

To those wishing to get in on the fun, here is a simple guide that may increase one’s chances.

Register an account + linking to Twitch + Watch the Streams

The very first thing to do is to sign up for an account with Riot Games and then have it linked to the account on Twitch. The third and last step would be watching the Valorant streams on Twitch. But viewers shouldn’t watch any Valorant stream. It would have to be a stream with the tag “Drops Enabled” on it.

Following these three steps is easy. Watching patiently and attentively is the hard part. The people who follow these steps will get a chance to receive closed beta keys through the Twitch drops. Note that people are chosen randomly, so it’s really all down to luck.

However, there are ways to improve one’s luck when watching for the keys.

Watching multiple streams won’t work

Some might think that opening several streams at the same time would increase their chances. However, that won’t work because it’s the user’s account that is taken into consideration when it comes to connections.

The region is of no importance

A person doesn’t have to choose a streamer from the same region because it’s the connection that matters. Just the act of watching a stream with drops enabled qualifies a person.

Everyone is a competitor

With an abundance of Twitch streams to choose from, choosing one with fewer viewers won’t matter. The competition is basically with everyone tuning onto the streams. If it happens that around a million users are tuning into the Valorant Twitch streams, then all of them are competitors.

Watching at least two hours can help

Riot Games themselves confirmed that players would have a better chance of receiving closed beta keys if they watch for around two hours per day. And it doesn’t matter if players watch two a stream two hours straight or cut it down to sessions. As long as a player watches for two hours, it qualifies.

There is also an added benefit to watching two hours of streams. Players that do this can also qualify for all future drops. A player may watch one day, then skip the next day and still receive closed beta keys.

Never ever purchase a closed-beta account

This is one rule players should never break because Riot Games is strictly banning closed beta accounts that were bought. Not only would a player waste time spent on watching streams, but they’d also be losing money for nothing.

About Valorant

Valorant is a five-versus-five player multiplayer sharpshooter game that some say to be a mix of Counter-Strike and Overwatch. The game is mostly centered on gunplay, but each individual character has skills and abilities that could excite any player.

There is no news yet as to when Valorant will officially launch, but Riot Games says a release could happen in Summer 2020, which could be somewhere between July and September.

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