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‘Valorant’ Episode 2: here’s when the next episode will start


With Act 3 of the first episode of Valorant already in motion, many are already anticipating the arrival of the game’s next episode.

Time has gone fast for Valorant. While many would feel like it hasn’t been that long when Riot first released the game, the truth is that had already gone through both Acts 1 and 2. Soon enough, Act 3 will also see its conclusion.

Act 3 has brought so many new changes to the game such as a new map, battle pass, and agent. Interestingly, Riot had originally planned to release the new map in Icebox on Episode 2. So when they released the map in Act 3, many were definitely surprised.

Now that Act 3 is in progress, it’s curious to know when it will end and when Episode will begin.

When will Valorant Episode 2 start?

When Riot released Act 1 and Act 2, they lasted around two months each. However, Riot has other plans for Act 3. Instead of the usual two months, it will stay around longer at three months. This means that Act 3 will end sometime around early 2021.

Act 3 kicked off on October 13, which likely puts its end date on January 13, 2021. However, this is all just pure speculation for now. Riot has yet to confirm a specific date for Act 3’s conclusion.

But what can be assured is that when Act 3 ends, Episode 2 will automatically begin.

What to expect when Episode 2 arrives

Because Riot had released the new map early, it’s likely that players won’t get to see a new map when Episode 2 arrives. But with Riot, you never really know.

Earlier leaks reference a new game mode that is likely to arrive in Episode 2 called “Snowball.” Players can still anticipate a number of new features and updates to arrive in the next episode.

But what players can expect is the addition of a new Agent. Riot hasn’t given any details regarding this new character. However, Tier 48 of the battle pass had teased a dog tag bearing the Latin words “Memento Mori.” This phrase has something to do about death.

First-ever tournament

While there isn’t much detail concerning Episode 2 of Valorant, the same cannot be said about its eSports scene. No one could deny that Valorant already has quite the successful eSports. However, most of the tournaments that were held for the game were organized by third party companies.

Now, the first-ever Riot-sponsored Valorant tournament is about to happen. Riot is definitely no stranger to eSports. The company is behind the arguably most successful eSports in the world, League of Legends.

Focusing on the European region first, Riot will hold the open qualifiers for the Valorant First Strike: Europe from November 9 to November 22. The qualifying teams will then battle it out on the main tournament from December 3 to December 6.

Riot is also planning the first stages of a Southeast Asian Valorant tournament.

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