‘Valorant’ introduces new EGO skin lineup

Valorant introduces new EGO skin lineup

Riot Games has announced the latest Valorant skin bundle. Dubbed, EGO, the bundle includes stunning weapon and knife skins.

The latest Valorant skins are splashed with gold, black, and white. The color combination makes it pop out in-game similar to how streetwear fashion does in the outside world.

According to Riot Games, EGO by OneTap is “Valorant‘s exploration into real-world style.”

“(It is) a moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game,” Riot added.

Despite the good looks, the bundle only includes the potential one-tap guns to echo the “EGO by OneTap” name.

The weapons include the Ghost, Vandal, Guardian, and Stinger. The first ones were a good choice. However, the Stinger might be the controversial “One-tap” gun.

Excited players must wait a little bit more as the bundle will be available by tomorrow, September 17.

Several skin variants to choose from

The full skin bundle is available for 7,100VP. But, there are single skin options to choose from at a cheaper price.

The Ghost, Vandal, Stinger, and Guardian skins cost 1,775VP. Meanwhile, the knife skin is available for 3,550VP.

Besides the skin, the full skin includes the Ego By OneTap player card, Ego By OneTap Spray, and Ego by OneTap Gun Buddy.

If the black, white, and gold combination is out of taste then the deep red or the pink and green colorway is available as well.

The 7,100VP skin bundle is still a lot of cash to churn out. However, it is more affordable than the previous Elderflame skin.

However, the cheaper price is justified as these skins do not include any custom animations.

Valorant is fairly new to the gaming world. But, it continues to make its name with great looking skins.

Images used courtesy of Valorant

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