‘Valorant’ is getting Ranked Play this week

It’s going to be almost a month since Valorant fully launched for the PC, and we’re getting a steady stream of updates from Riot Games. Within this week, however, we’re finally getting an anticipated way to play the game.

The Ranked Play version of Valorant was tested during the game’s testing period last month. Those who rose through the ranks will have the chance to do so once again once the mode goes live in the game sometime this week. With a larger player base, the games are going to be much more competitive.

Ranked Play this week

The developers took to Twitter last week to reveal a time frame for Ranked Play, and it’s going to release sometime this week. Although we’ve yet to get an exact release date, it’s good to know that Riot Games has already polished the mode to the point where they are finally ready to have it released for players to enjoy.

Many players asked why the game’s Ranked Play was disabled at the full launch of the shooter. According to the developers, they wanted more time to have the mode fully polished first. Moreover, they wanted other players – or those who didn’t participate in the testing phase, to get a better feel of Valorant, allowing them to keep up with others.

Once Ranked Play launches, everyone starts on a clean slate. Even those who have participated in it during the test phase will have to start from scratch to avoid advantages over other players.

How is Ranked Play

Ranked Play is basically the basic modes in the game, but there are going to be a lot more at stake, so it’s more competitive. There are seven ranks to go through, each with three tiers. Players will be rated not only on whether they win or lose, but performance is also a determining factor as well.

At the end of the Ranked season, players will be rewarded accordingly. For now, however, we’ve yet to see exactly how Riot Games plans to rewards players.  Before players can join Ranked matches, they’ll have to finish a certain number of matches first, but at this point, those who have been playing since launch are most likely eligible now.

Ranked Play is going to shake up Valorant. We’re sure that players are going to be busy with rising through the ranks once the new mode launches.


Image used courtesy of Valorant/Facebook

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