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‘Valorant’ Mobile could be coming soon; Check out all the details


A mobile version of Valorant isn’t that far-off. Now, new data-mined evidence points to a portable version of the popular first-person shooter game.

Valorant is no doubt one of the biggest releases of 2020. Unfortunately, it is still exclusively for PC players. Console and mobile players are still missing out on all the action. With this in mind, will Riot finally move to take the first-person shooter game beyond its current platform?

Well, new evidence shows it is highly likely that Riot would introduce a mobile version of the game soon.

Mobile port found in data-mined Valorant game files

One of the biggest leaks regarding Valorant Mobile is the hidden mobile port found in the game’s files. Dataminers had discovered device profiles for the iOS within the 1.09 patch notes.

This discovery shows that Riot might be tinkering with a portable version of the game. However, it looks like Riot is focusing on Apple devices for now. It doesn’t seem like an Android version would be surfacing soon.

Another data-mined information points to combat coding which further solidifies the idea of a mobile port for the game. The leaked mobile settings even sparked a debate within Twitter with many arguing about issues regarding competitiveness when Riot implements these settings.

In-game evidence

Data-miners aren’t the only ones providing information regarding a Valorant mobile version. In fact, the mobile ports are already making their presence known inside the game, particularly on touchscreen laptops.

This is because the mobile ports are conflicting with the PC files resulting in the appearance of a mobile user interface.

Players, of course, were quick to record evidence to share with the community.

When players took it to Twitter to report the issue, one Riot employee even asked if they were playing on a touchscreen laptop. This further strengthened the idea that Riot is likely planning to launch a mobile version of the game.

What further propels this speculation is that Riot is about to release a mobile version for League of Legends, their most successful game to date. Officially known as League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game will be available on both mobile and console platforms.

Wild Rift is about to start its open beta phase on October 27. Releasing a mobile and console version of LoL is a big indicator of the direction that Riot is going. They would, no doubt, take Valorant with them as they begin their mobile and console journey.

Community concerns

One of the biggest concerns that the community has with a mobile version is its possible cross-play feature. Many are concerned that if Riot launches a mobile version, they would also enable cross-platform play. This means that players of different platforms would be matched together.

Many believe that doing so would affect the competitiveness of the game. There is a high chance that Riot won’t enable cross-play on Valorant or follow in the footsteps of games like Fortnite that limit cross-play between friends.

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