‘Valorant’ now out, everything to know before jumping into a match


After several months of Alpha testing, Riot Games has officially launched the highly anticipated Valorant. The game is highly competitive, and there’s a lot to dig into as well, so it’s important for players to know the ins and outs before starting.

There are already thousands of players who are familiar with Valorantand they have a lot of advantages over those who are just starting out. Here’s everything that players should know before getting their hands on the game and jumping right into a match.

It’s a free-to-play title

Like League of Legends, the shooter is completely free-to-play. Riot Games will update the game with more content in the future. In fact, it even recently added a new agent to the game. While free, there are in-game purchases that players can make. The good thing is that these are all cosmetic and players won’t get the upper hand if they choose to spend money on the game.

Skills and gunplay are important

Valorant takes a lot of hint from Counterstrike: Global Offensive, as well as Overwatch. The agents in the game are unique from one another, and each of them comes with a set of skills that can turn the tides of the battle in an instant. While these skills are necessary, they aren’t the only factors to victory.

Gun skills and accuracy are also important in the game. Players should go to the practice range first before jumping into the match. This allows them to get a feel of the weapons to see which one suits them best.

Competitive mode is available

The game is launching with a competitive mode, but it isn’t readily accessible. Players will need to play a number of matches first before they can jump into the game’s competitive aspect. Those that played this mode during the alpha test won’t get their progress carried over.

The scoring system in the competitive mode for the game is not only based on wins, but it is also based on performance as well. While getting the wins are important, players will get extra bonus points if they perform above their average during a competitive match.

Valorant is now out, and players can immediately jump into the game to duke it out with other players. There’s expected to be a huge influx of players as compared to when the game was still in alpha, so their queue times will be a lot quicker.

Image used courtesy of Riot Games/ YouTube Screenshot and charnsitr/Shutterstock

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