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‘Valorant’ pick rates and the game’s current meta


Valorant will fully launch on June 2, and this means everyone can finally access Riot Games’ free-to-play shooter. It’s been in the testing period for months now, so we have an idea of what to expect from the game strategy-wise.

While there are going to be eleven agents to choose from in Valorant at launch, it’s apparent that alpha test players have their favorites. It’s not just because they like the characters; it’s also because these characters are the most utilized in games. Here’s what we know about the current meta in the game.

Sage and Cypher are guaranteed picks

Not surprisingly, most of the teams in the game have either a Sage or Cypher in them. Let’s start off with Sage. Her Ressurection ability allows her to revive any fallen allies in combat should she be able to reach their bodies. This is a useful skill that can turn the tides in favor of a player’s team.

As for Cypher, his ability to make use of an enemy’s corpse to gain intel on the enemy team is useful regardless of what phase the round is in. Exposing the enemy’s position allows players to make the best plays.

Jett is not in the meta

Jett is one of the most aggressive agents in Valorant, and those that pick her should be ready to rack up some skills. Most of her skills are centered on taking out enemies quickly, making her a decent character regardless of what phase the team is on.

However, her skillset requires a high skill level to fully utilize. With enough practice, Jett can be used to put the enemy team at a numbers disadvantage.

Team over solo

The pick rates and the meta also suggest that agents with abilities that benefit the entire team are preferred over those with skills that only benefit themselves. The game may be competitive, but it’s teamwork that gets the job done.

Players need to coordinate with one another to make the best plays. Once the game fully launches, we are expecting the meta to remain the same unless Riot Games makes some buffs and tweaks to the agents in the game.

Valorant will be completely free-to-play when it launches. Players can expect quick queueing times at launch as there’s expected to be many players that will want to try out this shooter. Of course, the title itself will be supported by Riot Games for a long time.

Image used courtesy of Riot Games/YouTube

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