‘Valorant’ possibly getting team deathmatch

Riot Games’ Valorant is still in its early stage, and it’s bound to go through some massive changes before it launches. Thanks to dataminers, fans get to see what changes will come and one of which is an exciting game mode common in shooters.

Competitive mode is shaking up the Valorant community currently, but beyond this, fans have a lot more to be excited about. According to the game files, Riot Games maybe adding a deathmatch mode in the future as well.

Team Deathmatch leaked

Some script on the game files has the short script TDM as a game mode. Aside from that, there are files that directly references Team Deathmatch Mode. Unless Riot Games is trying to divert the attention of dataminers into something else, it’s almost confirmed that the popular and chaotic game mode is officially coming to the popular shooter soon.

Team Deathmatch is a fairly simple mode. Both teams will go all out in a battle for the most number of kills in a set amount of time. Considering the structure of the heroes in the game, Team Deathmatch could result in some pretty amazing matches. It’s one of the highly requested modes in Valorant’s main competitor, Overwatch, but it’s something that Blizzard isn’t considering to add to the game anytime soon.

The addition of Team Deathmatch in the game means a lot of things for players. For starters, it’s a much simpler and direct game mode as compared to the bomb placement and diffusal mode that players have grown accustomed to.

If players are feeling a bit bored with the standard game mode, then Team Deathmatch will allow them to place a fast-paced game mode that will put their aim and skills to the test.

What else is coming?

Aside from Team Deathmatch, players have yet to uncover other game modes or features that will come to Riot Game’s shooter. Players are excited to see what’s to come once the game leaves its beta period. Currently, the only game mode in the game is a Search and Destroy type mode.

It’s likey that Riot Games will add more game modes in the feature as this will add more depth to the game. Moreover, it also allows the new title to compete with those in its field like Overwatch and CS:GO.

The big takeaway from all of this is that Riot Games is listening to its fans. Now that the highly requested mode could be coming to Valorant, fans will have more ways to play soon.


Image used courtesy Riot Games/YouTube

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