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‘Valorant’ Radianite Points: What they are and how to farm them


Aside from planting or defusing bombs, there are many other things to do in Riot Games’ Valorant. One of which is Valorant Radianite points farming, which every player should definitely do.

Players of Valorant should have noticed Radianite by now, but not everyone knows exactly what to do with this in-game currency. Valorant Radianite points may be an optional endeavor, but the rewards players can get from them make them worthwhile. Here’s everything there is to know about Radianite in the game.

What are Radianite points?

The primary purpose of Radianite in the game is to unlock new agents that players can use in matches. This means that whenever Riot Games releases a new character for Valorant, players will have to spend Radianite to buy them. As such, players should always ensure that they have backup Radianite just in case.

Apart from unlocking new agents, the use of Radianite points remains purely cosmetic. From unlocking new skins for agents and weapons to unlocking tier levels for their agents, Radianite points don’t give any significant gameplay advantage for players. For 10 Radianite points, players can upgrade skins to level four, which is currently the highest level in the game.

Fans are speculating that there will be more uses for Radianite points when the game fully launches, but those new ways to spend the currency might still be purely cosmetic.

How to farm Radianite points?

Farming Valorant Radianite points is easy and straightforward. However, it’s also time-consuming. Currently, there are only two ways to farm Radianite in the Closed Beta for the game.

The expense-free method to get Radianite points is by playing and earning them from the battle pass. If players work hard enough and pass through the fourth and ninth tiers of the battle pass, they’ll get an extra 20 Radianite points upon completion.

The other way to get Radianite points is to buy them using Valorant Points or VP, which is the premium in-game currency. Players can spend 1,600 VP to buy 20 Radianite points. If this is the method that players are eyeing, then it’s best they stock up now as the VP cost will be at 2,000 per 20 Radianite points when the game officially launches.

Valorant Radianite points are going to be a central part of the game. If players are certain that they want to dedicate a lot of their time to Riot Games’ shooter, then it’s best that they begin farming this currency as early as now.

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