‘Valorant’ tips and tricks: Best weapons in the game


Riot Games’ Valorant is an exciting shooter, and at the center are its unique agents. Of course, it takes more than the agents and their specific abilities to win matches, as that’s just one aspect to look into.

Although the shooter is compared mostly to Overwatch, it does differ from the title in a lot of ways. Perhaps the biggest difference is that in the upcoming shooter, players will have to buy weapons for their favorite agents, whereas, in Overwatch, the hero’s weapons are already set in stone.

Knowing which of the weapons are strongest is the key to winning matches in Valorant, so let’s take a look at what those weapons are.

BSW-460 Operator

Many players consider the Operator as one of the best sniper rifles in the game. As with most sniper type weapons, players are heavily rewarded with accuracy through the Operator. While headshots are almost always an instant kill, players can still aim for the body as the weapon deals 150 damage to it.

The Operator is best for long-range and stealth kills. If players get drawn to a close-range firefight, it would be best to swap to the secondary weapon as the Operator suffers from a really low rate of fire.

AR-672 Vandal

This weapon is the game’s version of the AK-47. Like its counterpart, the Vandal packs a high rate of fire but suffers heavily from recoil. It’s not a beginner’s weapon, but once players are able to master the aim required, it is useful for taking out other agents from a short distance.

It’s a fully automatic weapon that has a 25-round clip. For those at medium range, right-clicking brings up a 1.25x scope that not only helps in aiming but also reduces the spread and rate of fire.

SAR-6 Sheriff

When it comes to the best secondary weapons, the Sheriff pistol is arguably the most powerful. It’s not a beginner’s weapon as well as it requires pinpoint accuracy. Once players get a grasp of the weapon, though, they can easily one-shot enemies from medium to short range.

It’s an expensive weapon at 800, but if players have already mastered using it, they can easily turn the tide to their team’s favor through precision.

SMG-9 Spectre

It can get annoying when enemy agents are equipped with armor, but one way to easily shred the extra layers is by using the Spectre SMG. Although it’s not the most powerful SMG in the game, the Spectre has a manageable recoil making it a threat even from mid-range.

With a fire rate of 13.33 rounds per second and a magazine of 30 bullets, the Spectre is capable of shredding enemy armors quickly.

These are the best weapons in Valorant so far. However, it’s worth noting that while powerful, these weapons still require mastering, so players will need to constantly work with them to utilize it fully.


Image used courtesy of Riot Games

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