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‘Valorant’ update: Rumored to get a new Spike Rush game mode


With Valorant all set for launch this coming June, a recent data-mine implies a new game mode called “Spike Rush” to come with the game.

Riot Games is all set to release Valorant, but it looks like the game will come with a few new surprises this coming June.

A new game mode

A new data-mine suggests that Valorant would come with a new game mode when Riot releases it in June. This is something that beta players have not encountered during the closed-beta testing of the game.

According to data-miner FloxaY, there may be a new game mode called “Spike Rush.” FloxaY had accurately predicted Valorant ranks last April, a fact that gives him some credence. The data-miner leaked this information on Reddit, and interestingly, a blog posted by the game’s developers somehow relates to this rumor.

The data-miner explains that the Spike Rush game mode will last only around eight to 12 minutes. The information also suggests temporary buffs or power boosts, such as the “speed boost” for individual agents or even teams.

Valorant devs on a less competitive game mode

According to a blog posted on the Valorant website, the developers say they understand how intense matches can be. Matches take around 30 to 40 minutes to finish, and the developers had revealed they are focusing on providing a less competitive alternative.

Furthermore, they revealed that this alternative game mode would come by launch or in the weeks that follow. Could this be the rumored Spike Rush game mode?

Highly-requested game mode

It looks like Riot is giving people what they both need and want when Valorant arrives. Just last month, one of the game’s developers, Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo, confirmed that they are working on a highly requested game mode.

The game mode in question is none other than the “Team Death Match.” Many had been highly requesting this game mode before data-miners discovered a line code for the TMD.

Now that the TMD game mode is confirmed, the developers aren’t sure yet when it will arrive. What they are sure of is that it won’t come with the game’s launch. This is because the developers are still researching the tech necessary for a DM-type game mode.

Valorant launch date

The tactical shooter is set to launch on June 2, 2020. The game is in its closed-beta phase since April and is set to end on May 28, 2020. While the game hasn’t been released yet, it has already gained a massive following.

In fact, it drew in an astounding 1.7 million viewers on Twitch as beta players streamed their experience. This figure is second only to League of Legends‘ 1.74 million. Averaging around three million players, Valorant may have already set itself up for success.

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