‘Valorant’ updates: New map possibly coming soon

Riot Games is keeping itself busy with Valorant even though it has several titles currently live. The game is relatively young, and it’s not even released yet, which is why it’s no longer a surprise to see that there will be some major additions coming soon.

Fans of Valorant can’t seem to get their hands off of the game’s files in a bid to see what’s coming to the hit shooter. Dataminers have uncovered a lot of secrets about the game already, but perhaps the most recent discovery is what captures the attention of fans the most.

New map coming soon

There are a lot of reasons that point to a new map coming soon, and it’s called Ascension. First off, there was a map in the announcement trailer for the game that is yet to be found in the current beta build. In the trailer, we see Jett dashing across a small body of water, which looks like it was Venetian themed because of the canals and the structural design.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence is that players have datamined many different parts of a map that could be named Ascent at launch. Players have also uncovered a lot of set-pieces and actual names of the pieces within the game’s coding.

There are already some leaked schematics for the maps, so players can begin planning their strategies for it as early as now.

Lastly, considering how popular Valorant is currently, it should not be surprising that Riot Games will begin to support the game even further with new content that players can get their hands on.

More content coming soon?

In a surprise announcement, Riot Games says that the game will fully launch on June 2, which is only a couple of days from now. That being said, the full release of the full game means a lot and one of the things that players can expect is that there will be more content to come.

Whether it comes in the form of the rumored deathmatch mode, a new agent, or a new map, it’s almost a guarantee that Riot Games will be launching some new content along with the June release of the game. Not only does this keep the current player base happy, but it also means that new players will have more content to access as well.

Valorant is going to shake up the FPS genre pretty soon. With Riot Games’ plans to further expand the game, we can expect the player base to become stronger within the coming weeks.

Image used courtesy of Pryimak Anastasiia/Shutterstock

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