Valve stuff that can be unlocked in ‘Death Stranding’ part 1

Death Stranding's Sam Bridges wearing Gordon's Glasses

Hideo Kojima’s controversial magnum opus had just saw its release on PC after a timed-exclusivity on the PlayStation. More than just a port to a more capable hardware, the game offers unique contents not found on the original PS4 version. They include items extracted from two of Valve’s beloved franchises, Half-Life and Portal.

The idea is only fitting considering that Death Stranding’s entry into the PC is via Valve’s Steam platform, in addition to Epic Games. Unfortunately, no similar effort is made to pay tribute to one or a few of Epic’s intellectual properties.

Do note that the items mentioned in this article are unlocked only by accomplishing specific side-quests throughout the game. While technically Easter eggs of sort, coming across the stuff would require some work to attain.

Be forewarned. Spoilers territory ahead.

Gordon Freeman’s Glasses

The first quest that will essentially be the starting point of a chain of quests will start in Chapter 2. It starts with an email with a lambda symbol coming from a certain “Benjamin H.”

Taking on this quest will lead you to go on a specific location and have you pick up a cargo left by the river. The cargo in question is a Companion Cube, which those familiar with Portal would identify rather easily.

Deliver the item and you will receive Gordon Freeman’s pair of glasses that is nothing more than cosmetic for Sam.

The Valve

The second will not arrive to Sam until Chapter 3. But unlike the first, this particular side-quest has a pre-requisite about completing tasks for three NPCs. Complete said quests and the second email will appear, bearing the same lambda symbol as the previous.

In a similar fashion to the original request, this quest, too, asks you to pick up another Companion Cube. This time, at Peter Englert’s remote bunker.

Complete the job and you will receive another cosmetic item, that is, a “valve.” The same stuff is seen in Valve’s opening intro back in the day and one that Sam wears at the back of his head.

Gravity Glove

The third email will automatically appear once the player completes a pre-requisite quest during Chapter 3. Again, revolving around a Companion Cube. However, this time, stolen by a group of MULEs.

Retrieve the said object and you will receive a Gravity Glove as a reward. Which is the same gear Alyx uses in Half-Life: Alyx, capable of grabbing objects from a small distance.

Unlike previous rewards, the Gravity Glove is functional by design. It plays similarly to how Alyx uses it in its own game. However, it comes at the expense sapping a fraction of Sam’s suit’s battery with every use.

Image used courtesy of Pink Rabbit Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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