Valve stuff that can be unlocked in ‘Death Stranding’ part 2

Death Stranding's Sam Bridges donning the Headcrab

The quest to unlock Valve tributary stuff in Death Stranding continues. During the first part, we have managed to reveal three of the six items that were emblematic of either Half-Life or Portal. This time, we will uncover the remaining three.

Similar to the first-half of a chain of quests, these remaining tasks also involve going through side-quests and completing them. Only, this time, a little more challenging from the previous and, consequently, more rewarding.

Do note that the last two quests in this list will not appear until later on in the game. Even requiring the need to be post-game to take on the final side-quest.

The Lambda Truck

After completing a quest from the Junk Dealer in Chapter 3, Sam gets the fourth email from someone impersonating Thomas Southerland. With the previous three quests having a commonality of getting a Companion Cube, the pattern simply continues in this quest.

As part of the quest, Sam is instructed to head to a certain BT-infested location, which can be tricky to navigate. With the right strategy and patience, however, players can manage to go through the mission with little resistance.

Having retrieved the Companion Cube and delivered, Sam Bridges gets a Half-Life-themed truck that can carry many cargoes and traverse long distances. What makes this vehicle extra special aside from its unique looks is its energy efficiency and high durability against Timefall.


Coming across the fifth email will take a while since it will not appear until Chapter 8 into the game. Specifically, after doing a certain quest for Heartman involving three unique NPCs—the Geologist, Paleontologist, and the Evo-Devo scientist.

This particular side-quest is hard in comparison to the previous in that there are three elements at play. All of which play a significant role in hampering your ability to navigate. Not only is the terrain itself rough by itself, the heavy snow and the presence of BTs also compound to the difficulty.

Having rescued the Paleontologist that results in him getting mimicked, you are given the task to fetch another Companion Cube. Do just that successfully and you will get a Headcrab for a reward.

Like the Gravity Glove, the Headcrab comes with special functionality, too. In exchange of blood, the Headcrab gives Sam stamina and is triggered when he relaxes near-complete depletion. To offset the Headcrab from sucking directly on Sam’s blood, a blood bag can be used as a substitute.

Strider Hologram

The last email will only appear after the player finishes the game once. Essentially a post-game content, the last side-quest has Sam meeting the real Benjamin Hancock. This meetup subsequently leads to an area of the map absent from the original that serves as a location for the last Companion Cube.

Finish this quest and you will get yourself a chiral hologram of Half-Life: Alyx’s Strider akin to the gargantuan Tallneck projection.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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