Valve’s Steam Deck will also allow you to install Windows!

This news will surely delight all those going to buy Valve’s latest and trending handheld gaming PC called Steam Deck.

Unlike other portable consoles, Steam Deck PC will be flexible when it comes to installing software!

Install Windows on Steam Deck PC

Before you get your hands on Valve’s internet-breaking new console, there’s good news already.

Steam Deck will allow the users also to install multiple software, being an open platform device. It simply means that you can also enjoy Windows on it!

Yes, you read that perfectly right.

It also implies that there will be vast options for the players to run probably all of their favorite titles on just this small device.

You can do whatever you want with Steam Deck PC. That’s the objective as well behind its reveal.

Past consoles such as Nintendo Switch don’t offer such freedom. So players are bound and restricted to play only the supported games.

But with the option to change the operating system, there will be no limits.

In a recent interview, the Valve developer said that the latest device could run anything on the PC literally. It also allows you to stream videos when you opt-out of games.

It will be interesting to see how the players modify their Steam Deck consoles after they wipe out the pre-installed SteamOS. With Windows as a fantastic alternative, they will try to gain maximum advantage from the latest device.

However, there will be several negative outcomes of it since SteamOS is better optimized with the hardware.

But still, an open-platform capability is always good to have.

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Future of handheld gaming consoles

In the last three to four years, there have been certain good options for portable gaming products because gaming on PC or big consoles is not always possible for the players.

With the boom in the industry, there is an alternative for pretty much everything these days. And handheld gaming consoles also have their league to compete with each other.

Products like Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, GPD XD Plus, Sony PS Vita, Hyperkin Supaboy, and Stadia are worth owning.

Then there is Apple’s iPad Mini and also Atari Flashback Portable.

With Valve’s newest Steam Deck, the possibilities are only expanding further for an enormous future of portable gaming devices.

Soon there might be a time when the majority of gamers will only use small consoles. The ones which they can carry with themselves, wherever they go!


Image courtesy of Dave2D/YouTube

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