Valve’s Steam Summer Sale started today with huge markdowns


The Steam Summer Sale started today and players are in for a treat. Gamers can hunt down discounts up to July 9, with many titles having up to 75% off.

The Steam Summer Sale comes right after the platform’s Summer Game Festival. As players have new info on demos they played, they can now make informed decisions. Patient gamers get the most bang for their buck, making the much-awaited event worth it.

Summer Sale is back on the same date last year

Steam gamers are always looking for inexpensive games. With the Summer Sale back, players are now ready to build a bigger backlog. The sale is back around the same time last year, making this likely an annual event.


SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik leaked the dates all the way back in May. There are no clear details yet on what special deals players will get this summer. Many of the major games all have a ton of savings, many between 30 to 75% off.

This year’s Summer Sale will be the first time where players can use the new Points Shop. As players buy more games, they accumulate more points. These points are a currency that gamers can use to spruce up their Steam experience.

Players can buy stickers, backgrounds, and frames from their favorite games. These titles include CS:GO, DOOM Eternal, and many more. These features are also available for Steam chats and other community areas on Steam.

For gamers who don’t have an interest in the point system rewards, there’s more in store. The deals so far in the Summer Sale are fantastic, with AAA games at rock bottom prices.

Robust discounts for many AAA games are available during the sale

The Steam Summer Sale has heavy discounts set for everyone. For starters, anyone who spends $30 or equivalent in their region gets an extra $5 savings. The Day 1 for the platform-wide sale is hefty, with many superb titles for cheap.


Civilization VI is currently on a delicious 75% discount, putting it at $14.99. Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is sporting a 70% markdown. The superb Planet Coaster also has a 75% discount going for them.

Many farming sims and management sims are also on sale for the first day. Superb farming sim Stardew Valley is at $8.99, with a nice 40% markdown. City builder game Cities: Skylines is at a rock bottom $7.49.

For those who want to see the Steam Summer Sale, gamers can browse now. The sale will last until July 9. The r/GameDeals subreddit has a neat compilation of the major deals and free games.

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