Vanessa Bryant, Koko receives warm notes after milestone revealed

Vanessa Bryant, Koko receives warm notes after milestone revealed

Four months after Koby Bryant’s passing, his wife, Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram their daughter’s most recent milestone. 

“Koko” is the youngest daughter of Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant. Recently, the matriarch of the Bryant household shared a post on Instagram, revealing her daughter’s most recent achievement.

The 11-month-old “Koko Bean” reportedly takes her first step this week as seen in the short clip. As per the Independent, Vanessa is so proud of her daughter.

Koko Bryant takes her first step

Koko, whose full name is Capri Kobe Bryant, treats fans and supporters with her most recent milestone. Vanessa Bryant shared a short clip on Instagram, showing how it all went down.

Based on reports, the clip featured the 11-month-old Koko with her aunt, Sophie, as she takes her very first steps toward her mother. As stated, she is “walking cautiously” while holding a toy. 

Upon reaching her mother from her aunt, Vanessa hugged and kissed her on her cheek. “I know you’re gonna do it,” her mother said.


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A post shared by Vanessa Bryant ???? (@vanessabryant) on May 24, 2020 at 8:32pm PDT

Kobe Bryant’s wife’s post came with a brief caption. She shared that she is “proud” of her “Koko Bean” as she completes her first steps. In the end, Vanessa reportedly included heart and smiley emojis, as well.

Fans are also proud of Kobe Bryant’s daughter

After the video went viral on various social media accounts, Vanessa Bryant and Koko Bryant received overflowing warm messages from fans and followers. Aside from “taking part” in Kobe Bryant’s daughter’s special moment, they also reportedly noted how “bittersweet” it is for the family, especially for Vanessa.

The post also “stirred” emotions, according to Cheat Sheet. As stated, several netizens pointed out how it “hurts” that the NBA legend would not see his daughter’s first huge milestone.

Another also seemingly agreed. As reported, they are still feeling sad over losing Kobe and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, from the crash.

While some individuals continue to share their emotions, others reportedly said that they are “glad.” As explained, they are happy to see Vanessa Bryant have remained open to the fans and followers about their lives after the unfortunate accident.

Vanessa Bryant continues to pay tribute

Four months have already passed since Vanessa lost her husband and daughter. But, reports said that she has continued to pay tribute to both Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant through her social media posts.

Recently, she posted photos to mark her wedding anniversary and Gianna’s birthday. Vanessa Bryant also frequently posts photos of her daughters, reminding them how she and Kobe Bryant love them so much.


Featured image courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube

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