Veneer, Done That: Top celebrities who have had cosmetic dentistry work


Having the perfect pearly-white’s will always be the dream. To smile endlessly in a crowd without the worry of being insecure about your teeth. But, to some, this will be a bit hard because they might have been born to have imperfect teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has come to popularity, especially to artists you see on TV most of the time.

Celebrities who we see have perfect teeth hide a little secret. Some might think it’s proper oral hygiene or being careful of their food and drink intake. Prominent Hollywood artists did not always have million-dollar toothbrushes. Most of these stars might have had a little help from cosmetic dentistry.  

Celebrities often opt to do dentistry work because having the perfect smile means good publicity. They sell not only their acting skills but also their faces. Having a memorable smile always goes a long way for celebrities. Listed below are stars who have had cosmetic dentistry that benefited not only themselves but also their careers.

Hugh Jackman

Famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman revealed that he had gray teeth. Jackman said in an interview that his dentist told him he had gray teeth that might have been the result of past trauma or infection. It was not mentioned how Hugh’s teeth went gray, but he was advised to have teeth whitening, which made his appearance on TV more appealing.

Having fixed teeth is not only intended for famous stars. If you think you could have the perfect teeth, there are a lot of options. Cosmetic dentistry includes veneers, teeth whitening, crown implants, teeth or gum removal, teeth bonding, tooth structures, dental implants, and fixed bridges. If you’re looking for a place to have your teeth fixed, the best Perth cosmetic dentist, Dental 359, offers a wide ray of dental work that will fit you.

Miley Cyrus

The “Hannah Montana” child star had her fair share of fame during her teenage years. She debuted as a notable actress but has been associated with her crooked teeth. She wanted to fix her teeth to create a new image. She had her teeth straightened and whitened after her disappearance in Disney Channel and now has become her signature associated with her tongue-out look.

Keith Urban

Country singer Keith Urban debuted early in his career. Along with this, he had a gap between his front teeth. As the star rose to fame and by the time he and Nicole Kidman got married in 2006, he had the gap between his teeth fixed, straightened, and whitened. His wife, Nicole, also had veneers because she had small teeth. Urban’s teeth journey is still a puzzle because he still has not disclosed any information, thus, calling it the Urban Legend.

Celine Dion

Singer, songwriter, and actress Celine Dion has the voice of an angel. Dion debuted in 1990 where her career began to bloom. But she didn’t always have that perfect smile. Celine had vampire teeth where she had elongated fangs and had big front teeth. As Celine became more prevalent among people, she decided to fix her teeth since these are the parts where she is always noticeable. Dion underwent dentistry procedures in the 90s’ and now has a smaller, whiter, and equal set of teeth.

Zac Efron

Hollywood’s most prestigious actor Zac Efron who also starred in the hit Disney Channel movie, “High School Musical,” did not always have his pearly whites. Zac began his stardom quite early in his youth, and with this, the uneven and wide gap between his teeth was present. It was said that Efron “needed” cosmetic dentistry to help him with his teeth problem and got them whitened.

Jim Carrey

Does “The Mask” and “Pet Detective” seem familiar to you? If yes, then you must know the star of it. Jim Carrey has been very famous in his career but also what the audience had known for him is his chipped front tooth which was seen in the classic movie “Dumb and Dumber.” Carrey underwent tooth bonding to conceal his chipped tooth but often displays it to entertain fans.

Hillary Duff

Do you remember Lizzie McGuire from the famous Disney Channel movie? You are right! Hillary Duff portrayed that character back in 2001. Among all of the personalities mentioned above, Hillary is the only one that has fewer imperfect teeth. She had little crooked teeth, which she decided to fix when she transitioned to singing in 2009. She upgraded to veneers, and her smile never looked better!


Having the perfect teeth is everybody’s wish or maybe most of the people. Achieving this might be hard since everybody has a different set of teeth. Having them fixed is not to be ashamed of because you only want what’s best for you. Take it from these celebrities who ended judgment to look good. Be you even if it means that you have to alter something.

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