Vera Wang turned 71 but she doesn’t look like it, flaunts toned physique

Famous fashion designer Vera Wang just celebrated her 71st birthday over the weekend. But fans are stunned that she doesn’t look like her age at all.

It seems like Vera Wang has found the fountain of youth. The bridal wear designer shocked her 2.7 million followers on Instagram after she posted a photo of herself looking very youthful.

It’s been a trend lately among celebrities to look young even at their advanced age. There’s Kate Hudson looking fab in her 40s. Then there’s Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry who are very fit in their 50s.

But Wang is the latest one to catch the attention of the social media world. She just turned 71 on Saturday, June 27 and yet she appears to have not aged a day.

The sportswear attire

Wang, who has made wedding gowns for public figures, made headlines when she posted a photo of her self wearing an Adidas crop top and a pair of green skin-tight Balenciaga leggings.

“My #PRIDE athleisure look.” wrote Wang in the caption of her post.

She posted it ahead of her 71st birthday and as expected, people flooded it with comments of awe and admiration.

And while she highlighted the brands of what she was wearing, her ageless physique harbored more attention.

“Simply FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for making women feel and look great! At all ages!!โค๏ธ” one fan wrote in the comments section. “I refuse to believe that you’re 70,” another said.

Pushed to exercise

While it seems like it’s all very natural for Wang to be working out, it turns out that she was pushed to exercise.

Vera spoke with Harper’s Bazaar and she revealed to them that she’s been quarantined in her Miami home with her “workday fashion family.”

She then admitted that they were the ones who pushed her to exercise and get out of her comfort zone, which is fashion.

“All of them are extremely fit, which pushed me to ‘work out’ most days,” she said. “[My quarantine group] being a hardcore fashion group, and me having my lifelong obsession with leggings, I had the opportunity to actually ‘play’ with clothes, something even a fashion designer rarely has the luxury of doing.”

The mother of two said that she’s “not a huge exercise person.” But she did use to train as a competitive figure skater as a child. Vera Wang also loves playing golf although she describes herself as “terrible but enthusiastic.”

Featured image used courtesy of The List/YouTube screenshot

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