‘Verdun’ studios reveal historic WW1 shooter ‘Isonzo’


Verdun studios MH2 and Blackmill Games announced Isonzo, a new WW1 first-person shooter title set in the Alps.

Both Verdun studios, under the WW1 Game Series, announced the new game. Isonzo will follow the eponymous conflict between Italy and Austria. The game promises more “cinematic” battles than their first titles.

Isonzo will feature two-year conflict in the Alps

The WW1 Game Series is a joint project by MH2 and Blackmill Games. Under this banner, both studios try to recreate the Great War for video games. So far, they have Verdun and Tannenberg, both met with critical acclaim from gamers.

Rather than treating players to a multiplayer-focused gameplay, they offer both single and multiplayer options. Both titles eschew the hyperactive shooter style of something like Battlefield 1. Instead, both titles focus on a cinematic recreation of the time period.

For Isonzo, the game will recreate the two-year war between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The battles were fought on the Isonzo Front, along the Alps of what we have now known as Slovenia.

According to the devs, they are looking to fully recreate the high-altitude environments. They plan on adding new animations, improve movement systems, and focus on immersion.

Both studios note that the focus will be on accurate recreation of everything, from weapons to costumes to armor. Furthermore, they are also looking to create accurate recreation of details such as trench layouts.

New title will have better mechanics, historical accuracy

Both Verdun studios will maximize their sources to push for historical accuracy for Isonzo. They note how they will use films, diaries, documentaries, and even modern photographs. By doing so, they can help differentiate the game from its predecessors.

“The harsh, rocky Alpine landscape meant we had to dramatically improve how the players move through the landscape, with systems like IK (inverse kinematics) and vaulting in place to ensure a smooth and good-looking experience,” noted creative director Jos Hoebe in an statement with PCGamer.

“These improvements have led to gunplay also being updated to be way smoother using a dynamic IK system in first person. Movement and recoil are now more fluid and weapons in hand interact with the environment.”

Inverse kinematics allows for proper relationships between solid objects in a game world. It determines object positions and how they accurately position within the map. Improving this part of their games means superior character and AI pathfinding.

Isonzo will also have more liberal customization options for classes and squads. Furthermore, the historical scenarios will also be there to maximize immersion and accuracy. Both Verdun studios predicts that Isonzo will be ready around Spring 2022 for PC and consoles.

Featured image courtesy of WW1 Game Series/Youtube Screenshot

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