VERIVERY Minchan: to take hiatus due to health problems

Minchan from K-pop all-boy group VERIVERY will be not be seen for a while due to health issues.

On October 26, VERIVERY’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, commented that while VERIVERY is promoting the album, the health of Minchan worsened. He is experiencing psychological anxiety symptoms.

Focus on his health

He visited a mental institution and now receiving treatment through therapy and medication. While he is under treatment, Minchan will be taking a break from the group’s scheduled activities and have him focus more on his health.

As it has for Minchan’s health, the agency took control, and it has been tagged as necessary for the idol to have sufficient rest.

The temporary hiatus will immediately be in effect, and he would not be showing up, including its fifth mini-album promotions.

The final decision of the agency of Minchan

The staff of Jellyfish Entertainment had a lengthy discussion and decided to take the artist’s health its priority. They are asking for an understanding from the fans.

They will be keeping their fans updated on any changes in the future. Jellyfish Entertainment extends its apology to the worrying fans who have been upset with the news.

It is for sure that the agency will be supporting and taking care of Minchan until his full recovery.

Fifth mini-album

On October 13, VERIVERY returns to the K-pop spotlight with its fifth mini-album titled FACE-US and a music video for the title track G.B.T.B.

G.B.T.B. stands for Go Beyond The Barrier. Davey Nate and Kang Han Yong composed the song. Jo Yoon Kyung, Kim Hye Jung, and Jo Soo Jin wrote the lyrics. They wanted to relay a message about overcoming all obstacles.

The album FACE-US has six tracks on it: G.B.T.B. My Face, Hold Me Tight, Get Outta My Way, So Gravity, and Thank You, Next? that comes on CD-only.

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Image courtesy of KPOP & K-DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

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