VERIVERY tops Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart

VERIVERY achieved a new milestone for the first time as the group topped Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.

On October 27, Billboard announced the title track of VERIVERY G.B.T.B. from its fifth mini-album Face Us ranked number one on the World Digital Song Sales chart.

It is the first time for VERIVERY to enter the Billboard music chart, and they got No. 44 on the Digital Song Sales chart as well.

Unexpected happening

In the interview, Dongheon stated that they did not imagine that it could happen. They are so happy that many people are showing their love for VERIVERY.

In the future, they aim to become artists who passionately love music and the stage so that their releases will continue to receive love worldwide.

Hoyoung commented that it is the first No. 1 since its debut, motivating him to work harder than before.

Yeonho added that it is due to all the people who were cheering for them, as it is they who made them enter the Billboard chart. It is an overwhelming and exciting thing for them.

The offering of VERIVERY to its fans

Gyehyeon shared that he is happy to enter the Billboard chart for the first time. He wanted to give their number one as a gift to their fans and staff.

VERIVERY will work hard to keep maturing and hope that fans would continue to support them.

The news caught Yongseung off guard when he first heard it. It was so sudden and unimaginable for him.

VERRER, VERIVERY’s fans club name, gave them an enormous gift. He is also grateful and proud.

The group hopes to show VERRER how they grow through better music and performances in the future. Moreover, Minchan is currently taking his hiatus after his ankle injury.

Image courtesy of VERIVERY/YouTube Screenshot

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