Verizon fast tracks 5G development amid COVID-19 pandemic

U.S. telecoms company Verizon recently confirms that it is continuing its effort of building its 5G infrastructure.

Among the latest development includes a new virtual laboratory for developing 5G technologies. The company is also planning to open a new Ultra Wideband city, its 35th to date. Lastly, it is launching a new development ecosystem so that its partners can access mmWave.

Preparation for next-gen technologies

Verizon is fast pacing its building and infrastructure expansion to support next-generation technologies. The company claims that its new virtual lab will help in speeding up the various development processes. It will also speed up the customer and business applications for various Verizon services.

The company is also looking to government partners and other interested institutions. Verizon is running seven 5G laboratories in the United States and the United Kingdom. These laboratories are working as tech incubators and provide a novel solution to house workers amidst this pandemic.

These virtual spaces can also function as hosts for virtual conferences and demonstrations. To help Verizon with this development, the company recently acquire BlueJeans technology.

Verizon claims that its 5G technology now supports up to 1Gbps download speed. This is done through the mmWave technology. The company is expanding this capability to a number of locations around the United States.

Expansion to San Diego

Verizon is looking to extend its 5G services in the Californian city of San Diego. The company plans to slowly roll out some of its services in the city within the foreseeable future.

Verizon spokeswoman Heidi Flato says in a statement:

“We will be expanding the San Diego footprint throughout 2020 and beyond, but I don’t have any specifics to share at this time.”

Tech experts claim that customers must first meet some basic network requirements for them to be able to take advantage of fast 5G speed. For one, they should have a smartphone that supports next-generation telecoms technology. Their data plan must also include 5G for them to be able to access it.

Once users move outside of the Verizon’s 5G zones, their devices will automatically connect to the company’s LTE network.

As the world struggles through the coronavirus pandemic, companies are allowing their employees to work at home. This requires users to have constant access to high-speed internet connections. This is why telecom companies like Verizon are working double-time to roll out this new technology.

Many tech experts believe that 5G is the thing of the future. Companies are now building infrastructures to support it.

Image courtesy of rblfmr/Shutterstock

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